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I am linking up to Shanty2Chic's blog party.

"I Made it Without My Hubby"!

I rarely do any project without my hubby. I always need help or at least want help.

But this I did all by myself. I needed something on either side of my sliding glass door in my living room. And my goal this month is to use things I already have. First of all, it saves money and second, my closets are busting at the seams. So is under my bed and anywhere else stuff can be shoved! I am I am an expert stuff shover!

I had two of these framed prints that I got for $5 a pair last year. I intended on making them chalk boards, but that never happened.

So I took the print out and just painted the frame. Then I stapled some of my leopard wrapping paper to the wall. (the same paper I used here) Next I hung the frame and then hung the candle holder on top of the paper. And whoops I did buy something. The metal scrolly things on top are from Hobby Lobby. They were half off though, so I only spent about $5 for both.

I used pink spray paint called Sweet Pea for the frames.

I wish you could smell the candles. They are Tyler Candles and the scent is high maintenance. The name in no way reflects the description of the homeowner!

Shoot, I guess that's another thing I bought too!

Well, at least I made it without my hubby!


The Howell's said...

LOVE Tyler candles and especially the High Maintenance scent. I have the candles and the wax melts. LOVE them!!

kimert said...

Love that! it looks great!

Queen Bee said...

You are so creative!! Looks cute! I love Tyler candles too.

Lindsey said...

I am new to your blog and love it, but I am a huge fan of Tyler Candles! :) I love the candy cane ones at Christmas!

Nicole said...

You are so cool. Those are awesome! High Maintenance is my favorite Tyler candle, too!

Ashley Tremaine said...

Hi Dina! Another cute project...love that shade of pink. Wanted to let you know I awarded you the STYLISH BLOG AWARD over on my blog!!


Vanessa said...

I have never heard of Tyler candles, but I will have to try them!

Katy said...

High Maintenance is GREAT, I love the laundry soap and it makes your clothes smell that way FOREVER....even from across the room...even after several washes in other detergents.
fun project you did!!

Dana said...

You have the best ideas! Love your "style".

All That Glitters said...

I just love your style!!!! Looks really good!!!

Erin said...


I'm a huge leopard print fan...I love how how you mixed it with the funky bright frame! :)

Miss G said...

These paper projects look GREAT, Dina! Kelly