Wrap It Up

My Christmas stuff is down already. It has been since last week.
Proud? I am.
Anyway, my house always looks nekkid after all the trees are gone. So it's time for me to start sprucing things up!
BUT...I have to do it with out any money. I spent all our money last month on Christmas presents. So I have to use what I have.
Wrapping paper!
I have lots of wrapping paper!
I just stapled it to the wall behind these plates and frame:

Before, plain and boring:

And after is a little bit snazzier:

I have used wrapping paper in the past too. It is lining my old TV cabinet:

I think Hobby Lobby has the best wrapping paper. It's nice and thick. It makes great shelf paper too.
The leopard paper is going to make an appearance in a few other places in my house too. Stay tuned for that. I know you can hardly wait! Right?


Hayley said...

I agree - Hobby Lobby has the BEST wrapping paper. That's the only place I buy it anymore! I hadn't thought about using it to line my shelves, though...I may have to do that soon!! :)

Lauren & Matt said...

How creative! Love it!

Katy said...

good thinkin Dina, maybe i should do that with my oldest daughters closet....it's a walkin closet and i think it'd be cute on her walls...oh, maybe I could mod podge her closet. or not b/c that would be too permanent ha ha

JAS said...

email me at ja.freeman@sbcglobal.net. i have a proposal for you. thanks
ps i know of sharon simons and that is how i ran across your blog.