Flower Power

Remember when my pretty flowers died a horrible painful death?

Well, the fabulous people at Calloway's let me return the sad dead flowers and replace them with pretty LIVE flowers! FOR FREE! I'm a customer for life now. I think that is really good business!

I was really appreciative, because flowers can be a big investment sometimes!

I thought these pansies were a goner, but they came back to life with a little water and sun!

Katie likes to come outside and "help" me water the flowers everyday.

Really, she just sits there and looks cute, but that helps me!

Speaking of flowers, my friend and former college roommate, Amy, gave me an orchid for my birthday. I think it's so pretty! There is something so sophisticated about an orchid. I feel pretty mature now!

Thankfully she balanced the sophistication with some PEEPS! yum! Hopefully the orchid will last longer than the peeps! Thanks Amy!

And here are some more cute flowers:

I was having a little bit of car trouble today, so my dad had to take me to an appointment. Afterward, we went to Sam's to get a few things and he bought Katie some super cute outfits!

Sometimes it pays to have car trouble! Thanks Grampy!



I turned 36 today!

Birthdays don't bother me one bit. I actually love them. What's not to love? Cake, presents, sweet cards, fun times with friends and family...and a bonus, it means I'm still alive! Yay for me! Don't get all wrapped up in age and getting older. You don't have a choice, just embrace it!

The day started off with cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Not a bad start!

And one of Marcus's presents for me was this umbrella outside. I want it every time we go to Sam's. Doesn't it just make you want to eat a snow cone!

Both our families came over after church for lunch. We had lots of fun. I am so thankful that they all get along so well.

My mom snuck this baby some cake! She will probably never eat green beans now!

Look at my fabulous cake!

My talented niece, Melissa, made it! Isn't that amazing?! Marcus placed his order last week and even paid her for it! Of course she wanted to do it out of the goodness of her heart, but he wanted her to have the money. It will be cool if she is a famous baker one day, to say that we were her first paying customers!

I just loved it AND it was delicious!

Not only do I love birthdays, I usually can make them last at least a week! I'm talented like that. Last night I went to dinner with Courtney and Anna.

Isn't it nice of me to be friends with such skinny girls? We went and ate Mexican food, so they are not as skinny today as they were yesterday!

I have some other dates set up this week with some more friends.
I might be 37 by the time I am done celebrating 36!


Queen of The Trailer Park

I went to the cutest store today! The owner, Diane Gregory, was sweet enough to let me share it with you!

It's called Queen of the Trailer Park. It's located at 99 Cheek-Sparger in Colleyville, TX. If you aren't lucky enough to be a Texan, you can look at their web site www.queenofthetrailerpark.com

Of course all these colors are right up my alley!

Diane makes all the artwork! She is so talented!

I love this frame:

They also have jewelry, clothes and purses. I should have taken a picture of the cute flower purse they had there. I might have to just buy it and then I can show it to you. I think I just might need it!

There are so many unique crosses. I love stuff like this, because it's original and you won't see it everybody's house.

Fun lighting too:

This is really special. I think Diane called it memory art. That could be totally wrong, because my memory is not what it used to be. It's strange, I think it fell out when I gave birth.
Anywoo, it can be made with someone's picture. I think that would such a great graduation or baby gift!
I have a thing for rings!

Diane is also at Canton Trade Days every month in Arbor #3 and in Brownstone Village in Arlington.

I hope you enjoyed the shopping trip! I know I did!


Valentines and 7 Months

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it is a happy one for you. I know Valentine's Day can be painful and annoying for some people. So I will try not to add to that!
Marcus and I celebrated this weekend with a yummy steak dinner out..BY OURSELVES! It was nice. He got me those pretty roses too. I love all the colors. He also got me a Warm Sugar Cookie Candle! It smells heavenly. It combines my love of candles and sugar! Way to go!
Today is also Katie's 7 month Birthday!
Here she is with her Valentine!

This afternoon we met my sister and Morgan and Ryan at Sonic:

My other niece, Melissa, stopped by too to give Katie her Valentine!

Katie is so lucky to have such sweet cousins that love her. Ryan gets a kick out of anything that she does. Today he was laughing so hard that his Oreo Sonic Blast came out of his nose!

Good times!


My Face Hurts

I think Katie's congestion and stuffy nose snuck up onto my face! My sinuses are killing me and my face is swollen. I keep putting cold Coke cans on my eye sockets to reduce the puffiness. Mainly because I think Coke is the cure for anything.
So these things are my BFFs right now:

I hate being sick. Especially because when you're a mom, you don't get sick days. Oh and as a bonus, when you're a breast feeding mom, you can't take any medicine for giant swelling stuffy sinuses! I guess it will make my baby drunk or something...OR it could make her very sleepy. Hmmm...
On an unrelated note. An anonymous commenter had some decorating questions. I would be happy to help if I can. Just leave your email address in the comments and I will contact you!
Have a Great Weekend!


Mother Nature Needs a Time Out!

Do you remember these pretty flowers?

Now they look like this:

It's so sad. I have kept them covered and everything. They just couldn't stand the Arctic blast last week. We had over 50 hours of below freezing temperatures. I guess mother nature didn't know I bought pretty flowers. She's so rude sometimes.

She's not using very good manners today either!

Today, instead of snow, we just got some sleet. So that street is just solid ice. Too bad I don't have any skates or a cute sparkly outfit to wear.
Anyway, the good news is that it's been chili weather. Yum!

These are my parents partaking in some of Marcus's delicious chili.


Here's Katie trying some corn bread in her high chair.

This high chair was mine when I was little. My niece and nephew used it too. It's probably not the most practical high chair, but I am not known for my practicality.
I just like for things to be cute:

Like this cute baby here. I don't think any of the corn bread actually made it down her throat. There is tons on my floor though!
I hope you are having prettier weather where you are today! If not, stay warm and toasty!


Nothing Exciting

I am pretty sure everyone in DFW has cabin fever. Or maybe everyone in the country does. It looks like most of the states are getting snow!

We thought Katie looked so cute in her little pink bear outfit. It just makes us laugh. I was also really happy because we were about to leave the house for the first time in a couple of days!

We got lots of snow last night! Everything looked so pretty. The roads were still a little bit icy underneath the snow, so I wasn't comfortable driving in it. Marcus is comfortable doing just about anything, so he chauffeured us around.
We made many stops today, but one them was to Courtney's house:

These are her twins, Charis and Drew. They are Katie's BFFs, she just doesn't know it yet. Courtney already told her today that she can come and spend the night one day and they will go wrap people's houses!

We will have to look at this picture when they are teenagers and remember how innocent they were!


Ground Hog Day

Today is like Ground Hog day, because it's practically the same as yesterday. Still freezing outside and stuck inside. And it actually is Ground Hog Day in real life. I haven't heard if the hog saw his shadow or not. Oh well, I don't trust him anyway.

So Katie and I are trying to entertain each other. I felt the need to get pictures of some of her everyday activities. Before long, she will be doing new things and I want to remember my 6 month old baby.

She loves her Jumperoo. This was a gift from my friends that threw me a shower. That makes it even more special!

And Katie has always loved this little play mat:

You can see her two bottom teeth here. She is getting another one on top. Unfortunately, it is not one of the middle ones. It is one on the side. I told my friend Anna that she reminds me of a lady we saw at the Little Rock airport a couple of years ago. That's not a good thing either.

Everything goes in her mouth these days.

Even the lens cap!

She has been in pretty good mood these last few days, but she is still sick. We still have to do breathing treatments a couple of times a day. I don't know how such a little thing can produce so much snot and congestion! We are all ready for it to be over with.

Katie still loves bath time!

She is saying Hi with her foot! I need to teach the girl to wave!

OK a few of you asked for my Tortilla Soup recipe

It's not very "official", but here's what I did

First I sauteed a chopped onion and some garlic in the bottom of the crock pot with some butter. Second, I added a whole box of chicken broth. I think it was 48 oz. Then I added some cumin, oregano, chili powder, and s&p. Sorry, I don't have measurements for any of those. I just shook them in. Just let the Holy Spirit lead you! Next, I added two cans of Rotel and a bag of frozen corn. Also, I boiled 3 chicken breasts, cut them up and threw them in the crock pot. Lastly, I chopped up half a cup of fresh cilantro and added it to the mixture.

We serve it with shredded cheese and tortilla chips. You can add sour cream or guacamole if you want, but I personally don't eat condiments. So none for me, thanks.

You really can't mess it up. Just mix up whatever sounds good. And you can taste test along the way and add this or that if needed.

I just heard the schools are all closed again tomorrow. It will be the THIRD day in a row. That never happens here. And it hasn't snowed or rained since yesterday morning. It's just so cold that nothing will melt.
Super Bowl activities are in full swing here in DFW. I am sure the Packer People and the Steeler people think we are nuts for everything shutting down for this weather. The truth is though that all the roads are just a big ice rink. Nobody can drive in that successfully. I don't care where you're from.

Sunday is supposed to be good weather for the game, thankfully. For now though this icy coldness is putting a damper on some activities, and people are having a hard time traveling here too. I am sure most of the Super Bowl committee have ulcers by now. Poor things. They wanted everything to go perfect.
I hoping tomorrow I can actually leave the house at some point. I am really ready. At least I have my blog friends here to socialize with, right?