I turned 36 today!

Birthdays don't bother me one bit. I actually love them. What's not to love? Cake, presents, sweet cards, fun times with friends and family...and a bonus, it means I'm still alive! Yay for me! Don't get all wrapped up in age and getting older. You don't have a choice, just embrace it!

The day started off with cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Not a bad start!

And one of Marcus's presents for me was this umbrella outside. I want it every time we go to Sam's. Doesn't it just make you want to eat a snow cone!

Both our families came over after church for lunch. We had lots of fun. I am so thankful that they all get along so well.

My mom snuck this baby some cake! She will probably never eat green beans now!

Look at my fabulous cake!

My talented niece, Melissa, made it! Isn't that amazing?! Marcus placed his order last week and even paid her for it! Of course she wanted to do it out of the goodness of her heart, but he wanted her to have the money. It will be cool if she is a famous baker one day, to say that we were her first paying customers!

I just loved it AND it was delicious!

Not only do I love birthdays, I usually can make them last at least a week! I'm talented like that. Last night I went to dinner with Courtney and Anna.

Isn't it nice of me to be friends with such skinny girls? We went and ate Mexican food, so they are not as skinny today as they were yesterday!

I have some other dates set up this week with some more friends.
I might be 37 by the time I am done celebrating 36!


Giggles said...

Happy Birthday. I try to make mine last for the entire month! I turned 40 this year but it hasn't bothered me yet! I still feel like I am in my early 30's!

Lisa said...

Cant believe how good she is at making those cakes. That is awesome!

Rachel said...

Happy, happy birthday sweet friend! So glad you had a good day. And that cake looks DELISH!

All That Glitters said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I love your outfit in the last picture!!!!

Sharon Simons said...

Happy Birthday Dina. Let me know when you are in Fort Worth. I'd love to see you!

Staci said...

Hsappy Birthday!!! I also celebrate my "birthday season" as I call it. That's how us awesome people do it! Your cake looks fantastic!

You have to tell me where you got that top in the last photo. I love it!

Enjoy the rest of your birthday season!

Rae said...

Happy Birthday, Dina! Here's to many more.
I love the top you are wearing when you went out with your friends. Where did you get it?

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday!!! The cake is so cute. She did a great job!
Where did you get the dress you are wearing when you and the girls went out? I love it!

www.johnniesjunk.blogspot.com said...

Happy Birthday Dina!! Love your cake that your niece made! Very cool!!

Cortni said...

That cake is amazing!!!! You niece is going to be a VERY successful baker one day!!

FinsFan said...

Dina !! HAPPY 36th Birthday!! I like how you think~ keep it going all week :) My 42nd birthday was last week~~i cant believe it but we'll always be young-at-heart! LOVE LOVE the cake and your niece is UBER talented! God bless you with epic birthday blessings all year long ~~!!

Frugal Jen said...

Happy Birthday Dina!

Did you niece take any cake decorating lessons? WOW, she's good!

Ashley said...

Happy Happy Birthday! That cake looks AMAZING!!

Katy said...

happy belated bday. that cake was beautiful!

Disigned Inside & Out said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY MoNth! At our house we celebrate birthday month, I like to use it as an excuse not to diet and not to do little chores around the house, try it! That cake is amazing, if I even attempted to so something like that it would look like a rainbow barfed on a pile of mud ! She is VERY talented!

Miss G said...

Happy Belated birthday! Looks like such a fun one! I love all the color. Kelly