Mother Nature Needs a Time Out!

Do you remember these pretty flowers?

Now they look like this:

It's so sad. I have kept them covered and everything. They just couldn't stand the Arctic blast last week. We had over 50 hours of below freezing temperatures. I guess mother nature didn't know I bought pretty flowers. She's so rude sometimes.

She's not using very good manners today either!

Today, instead of snow, we just got some sleet. So that street is just solid ice. Too bad I don't have any skates or a cute sparkly outfit to wear.
Anyway, the good news is that it's been chili weather. Yum!

These are my parents partaking in some of Marcus's delicious chili.


Here's Katie trying some corn bread in her high chair.

This high chair was mine when I was little. My niece and nephew used it too. It's probably not the most practical high chair, but I am not known for my practicality.
I just like for things to be cute:

Like this cute baby here. I don't think any of the corn bread actually made it down her throat. There is tons on my floor though!
I hope you are having prettier weather where you are today! If not, stay warm and toasty!


Nicole said...

... and I would pay BIG BUCKS to see you in a sparkly ice skating outfit! For now I'll just eat up cute Katie!

Sara Lynn said...

It is gorgeous here in Charleston, SC but it is a bit chilly! Sorry about your flowers mother nature must not have seen them!

Courtney Osborne said...

Wow, Katie looks so big in her high chair!!!

laurensmommy said...

Poo for Mother Nature! She needs to "Bring on the Spring!"

But yay for adorable highchairs that are impractical. Some things just get better with age! (and red paint!!) :)

Mallorie said...

I LOVE that high chair! Too cute!!! I can't wait for nice weather as well...enough of this wintery stuff already, do we live in Texas or Minnesota?! :-) Stay warm!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww. the flowers were so pretty. What kind were they?

Twinkle Terrior said...

Dina....we got another dusting here last night! YES - mother nature (espe winter) please take a bring! LOL Love that red high chair.........love all the flair and adorable kiddies!

Rachel said...

Speaking of your floor... I love black and white floors, like totally adore them! Where did you get yours/how did you install it? I must know!