Flower Power

Remember when my pretty flowers died a horrible painful death?

Well, the fabulous people at Calloway's let me return the sad dead flowers and replace them with pretty LIVE flowers! FOR FREE! I'm a customer for life now. I think that is really good business!

I was really appreciative, because flowers can be a big investment sometimes!

I thought these pansies were a goner, but they came back to life with a little water and sun!

Katie likes to come outside and "help" me water the flowers everyday.

Really, she just sits there and looks cute, but that helps me!

Speaking of flowers, my friend and former college roommate, Amy, gave me an orchid for my birthday. I think it's so pretty! There is something so sophisticated about an orchid. I feel pretty mature now!

Thankfully she balanced the sophistication with some PEEPS! yum! Hopefully the orchid will last longer than the peeps! Thanks Amy!

And here are some more cute flowers:

I was having a little bit of car trouble today, so my dad had to take me to an appointment. Afterward, we went to Sam's to get a few things and he bought Katie some super cute outfits!

Sometimes it pays to have car trouble! Thanks Grampy!


Staci said...

Beautiful flowers and even more beautiful baby!

I have a friend who is afraid of Peeps! I should totally buy him (yes, him) some! The bright colors would really freak him out!

Anonymous said...

I love flowers! Pansies are pretty hearty. Even when I think they are gone sometimes they come back. The do create a lot of weeds though if you plant them in a flowerbed. Cute outfits!

Anonymous said...

So jealous...several months before we can plant flowers in AR. Curious...did you make your little potted topiary (in the 3rd pic of your flowers)? If so, I would love to see you post about how. I think it is adoreable!

There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

Hey girl! I know you LOVE cherries and there are some of the cutest little Carter's outfits on sale at Babies R Us right now with cherries on them. I'm posting a pic of one on my blog today if you want to see it;)

Pippa said...

Hi Dina, I just love your blog, your home and that Katie is one more Cutie Patootie! Was wondering if I might could ask you a question about your resource for beads. I am beading jewelry and other things and am trying to find a good place to get beads. Do you just buy indiv strings of beads at someplace like Michael's, etc or do you order them on-line? Thanks!
Julie juliec@fbcjax.com

FinsFan said...

Everything looks so fun, lively, and Spring-ish!! Love the flowers, and love Katie's smile as always! PS-bring on the PEEPS for Easter LOL :)