Valentines and 7 Months

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it is a happy one for you. I know Valentine's Day can be painful and annoying for some people. So I will try not to add to that!
Marcus and I celebrated this weekend with a yummy steak dinner out..BY OURSELVES! It was nice. He got me those pretty roses too. I love all the colors. He also got me a Warm Sugar Cookie Candle! It smells heavenly. It combines my love of candles and sugar! Way to go!
Today is also Katie's 7 month Birthday!
Here she is with her Valentine!

This afternoon we met my sister and Morgan and Ryan at Sonic:

My other niece, Melissa, stopped by too to give Katie her Valentine!

Katie is so lucky to have such sweet cousins that love her. Ryan gets a kick out of anything that she does. Today he was laughing so hard that his Oreo Sonic Blast came out of his nose!

Good times!


Ben and Audrey said...

seriously. Katie is one of the cutest babies i've ever seen. besides my own of course! ha!

hope she is feeling better & that you are getting some rest!

Lisa said...

Katie is a real cutie, Happy Heart Day!

FinsFan said...

Omigosh...Katie is always so adorable and Mommy dresses her so cute! That little smile is precious. Back in the day, I bought GarAnimals so everyone just got out the door matching! hee. I got flowers, but my hubby won't let me light too many candles (Mr OLD Fireman LOL) Glad yall are feeling better too! I'm loving learning to follow blogs (sort of) and have my sister-in-law following too now! Have a great day!! : )

Dana said...

Gotta love sweet baby toes! You can see her personality all over these precious pics. So fun!

Miss G said...

beautiful roses! I love the colors. Beautiful Katie! Kelly

Me and My Boyz said...

Your daughter is 8 days younger than my first son:) She is precious and I think Greyson has hair envy...lil guy is bald! LOL You have a beautiful family!