I got some flowers today.

These are from my boyfriend, AKA, my husband:

He's been doing everything around here this week. I appreciate him and these flowers!

And these are from my mom:

I love flowers. And they don't make you fat!

We got out for a few minutes today and went to the park. It was perfect weather.

This baby loves to swing!

And of course we had to get a snow cone. I couldn't decide between my 2 faves; strawberry shortcake or peachy melon with gummie bears. So I got strawberry shortcake with gummie bears. I think Marcus was a little embarrassed to order it.

It was a good decision.

There seems to be lots of you in this "miscarriage club" with me... Is it supposed to last this long? I am still having pain and cramps and "stuff". It has surprised me a little. I wish I could have just had the surgery and been done with it. It was going to cost $2,480.40 with insurance, so it's possible Marcus prayed for me to do it on my own?!

I think I should at least get half that money for my trouble. Don't you think so?
Just think how many snow cones I could buy!



I was just telling Marcus last week that I would LOVE to have a day where I could just lay in bed and watch movies...this is not how I wanted to earn that day, but at least I got it!

So these are the 3 movies I watched and in the order that I liked them.

Life as We Know It was really sweet and a teensy bit sad. I teared up a few times. I do in most movies though.

You Again was funny.
It had some of those awkward moments that are meant for humor, but they always make me nervous. Like when I watched Meet The Parents, I got a stomach ache. I just always feel the pain of the person that is embarrassed. It's kind of the same reason that I have to fast forward through parts of The Bachelor.

Then How Do You Know was my least favorite, but still OK. I really like Paul Rudd. I just didn't like how Reese's character kept staying with the cheater boyfriend. I couldn't relate.

No matter how much I like the movie, or not, I always want it to show more. If 2 people are in love in the end, please show them getting married and having babies. Even if it's just quick while the credits are rolling. I always need to see that!

So the last 2 days haven't been emotional, really. It's more the physical stuff I am dealing with. Yesterday, I had a terrible migraine. I think it has to do with the huge hormone shift and maybe a little bit of tension. And today I am having lots of pain and cramping again. I am on pain medicine and also self medicating with these:

Anna dropped a big bag of them on my porch. My church friends Catherine and Debbie dropped off some treats too! I am going to look pregnant, even if I'm not!

I am actually thinking about starting weight watchers next week. Have any of you had great success with that? I may just do it online and not have to go to the meetings. I am a little commitment phobic. Having an appointment every week makes me feel trapped. It's also the same reason I hated working 8 to 5 everyday. TRAPPED!

I need to polish off my donuts and buckets of chocolate first. I am not even about to start counting all those points!

Thanks again for all the prayers!


I Survived

I'm in my PJ's and ready to get in bed, so this is just a quick update to say that I am alive!

Yesterday I started to have lots of pain and it was getting pretty intense last night. I even had Marcus come home from the fire station. I am so glad I did.

I ended up miscarrying the baby on my own. That's probably not the right verb, but you get the picture. Anyway, it was the middle of the night and I hated every second of it. I kept telling Marcus, " I don't want to do this!" I didn't have a choice.

We called the dr this morning and I had to go in to make sure that I didn't have to have the surgery today. Thankfully I didn't. There is still more to go, but it shouldn't be as painful.

I am so grateful for all your well wishes and prayers. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

I will give you all a review after my movie marathon!


Thank You!

First of all I want to thank each and every one of you that left a sweet comment! And I want to thank all of you that have been praying for my family. We can really feel the prayers uplifting us. And I want to say I am so sorry for all of you that have been through this same thing. It almost seems like the majority of you have! I hate that!

I did really well most of the week, but today has been a little bit hard. Mainly because today I feel the worst physically. Only 2 days left of that!

My surgery is at 3:45 on Tuesday. I can't eat all day! Talk about pouring salt in the wound. How am I supposed to ease my fears and anxieties if I can't partake in some chocolate?

Speaking of chocolate...Look what I got!

The art teacher at my mom's school, Erin, gave me the cutest bucket filled with goodies! I LOVE this bucket. I think it is the cutest thing in the world!

I have already been burning the candle and it smells heavenly. And that cheesecake...it's gone! I did share with Marcus's family today, but I will admit that I ate 2 pieces! Don't judge!

Like mother, like daughter.

That Katie is a smart girl!
Thank you Erin! That was so thoughtful of you and it made my whole weekend!
Friday night my family came over since Marcus was at work.

I think they like each other!

And my sister took 1 million pictures of Katie in the bath tub! I guess she's hard to resist!

The busyness continued on Saturday, we had a sidewalk sale at Golightly's. I was able to sell lots of stuff, so now I'm rich!

And this little thing kept me busy too.

She really is the best medicine for a broken heart.

OK the best news of the weekend is that we discovered our favorite snow cone stand is open for the season! We go to Bedford Snoball and it is THE BEST EVER!

Kelly, I couldn't wait to tell you. (She loves it as much as me! )

They have a drive thru and this is us waiting.

I wanted to get a picture of the sign, because they have some crazy flavors. They do have a Tiger's Blood snow cone that Charlie Sheen might be interested in!

Marcus got strawberry shortcake as usual. I taste tested it for him. YUM!

And I got peachy melon, with gummie bears on top! Double YUM!

Katie got a little taste, but was more interested in chewing on the spoon. I am not going to waste any more snow cone on her until she can fully appreciate the goodness!

All in all it was a good weekend!

I am ready for Wednesday to be here.
I will be laying in bed and watching movies all day.

Any good movie suggestions?



I do not want to write this post, but I'm gonna. I feel like I need to before I post about things like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and my bedroom make over . Those are all things I would rather talk about, but I would feel like I was lying by not telling you that I was pregnant. Or I guess I still am, but the baby no longer has a heartbeat. We found out yesterday. blah!

I found out on February 11th that I was pregnant and it was a TOTAL shocker. I mean, I just had my baby like 2 seconds ago. AND it took 5 years to get pregnant with her. So we were shocked, but got excited quickly.

We decided to tell our families on my birthday, because they both were going to be here. My friend Kari, made a Big Sister dress for Katie and we revealed it when I was blowing out my candles.

I still love these pictures:

Marcus is videoing my mom, because she was the last to figure it out. She yelled' "WHAT?!" like a million times. Very funny!

I need to get Kari's website, because everything she makes is so stinkin' cute!

Anyway, I am a little over 10 weeks pregnant. We had our first sonogram at 8 weeks and the heartbeat was strong, but the baby was measuring 2 weeks behind. So they had me come in yesterday to measure again and that's when we saw there wasn't a heartbeat anymore. I cried all day long. I couldn't stop and it was getting on my nerves. I just didn't want to think about it anymore. Marcus and I watched tv for hours before we went to bed, just for a diversion. I just couldn't turn my mind off.

Today has been a lot better. I know God is in control of this whole situation. I don't know why it has to happen, but I don't care. Whatever He wants, we want. I know we have lots of friends praying for us and I can feel it for sure! And I am just so thankful for Katie. I know if I didn't have her, this would be a lot harder!

So Tuesday I have to have a D&C. Not looking forward to it, but I am so ready for it to be over with. Please pray that I don't start to miscarry on my own before that. I just think that would be too traumatic for me. I would appreciate that so much.

I know lots and lots of you have walked this road before me and I am so sorry for you too. Part of the reason I am sharing is because hearing other people's stories and situations have helped me a lot already.

Now I want to say that I was shocked at how great Kirstie Alley did on DWTS. I was proud of her. I was equally as shocked at how bad Wendy Williams did. I am still rooting for her though. And did you see AI tonight? I love that they saved Casey. I like him. I really like James and Lauren too. Those are my faves.

Oh, that feels better!
And when I'm done with my bedroom, I'll show you that too!

*and PS: if you know me in real life and see me in real life, PLEASE don't give me the sad face or the so sorry speech. I know you are sad for me, but when people comfort me, I lose it. And I HATE losing it in public. It's not a good feeling. So just give me a high 5 or something. Or you can be like Anna and Courtney and give me chocolate!



We got to see my good friend Tori and her family today. They were headed home to Arkansas, but first we got to have lunch with them and visit a little.

Katie loved having other kids around to entertain her.

And she loved discovering someone elses jewelry.

Aren't they a beautiful family?

You wouldn't think they were from Arkansas seeing as they all have their own teeth and everything! (*this is a disclaimer to say that I LOVE Arkansas and the people in it. I just have to make fun of it anytime I mention it. Not sure why, but I might die if I don't. And I am not willing to find out.)

I hope you all had a great weekend too!


Feeling Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today is all about the green!

I have lots of green in my house. It's actually pretty neutral and goes with almost any color.

And I meant to get a picture of Katie in her green outfit today, but forgot. She's already snoozing away for the night.
I DID get a picture of her sweet bed head this morning though!

Now that she's a big girl, she doesn't just lay still in her crib anymore. She utilizes the entire space. So that makes for some pretty cute 'do's in the morning!

I hope you had a fun St. Patty's Day. We celebrated by going to Outback Steakhouse. Australian, Irish...same thing!


Bathrooms Need Some Love Too

Remember when I decorated a teenagers bedroom here? Well I got to go back and spice up her bathroom a little bit and then work on her parents' bathroom too!

It all started with this:

I wanted a big heart with wings. Stuff like this is very expensive, so I wanted to make my own.
First, I needed my dad to make me a template, because he's artsy like that.

So I traced it on this corrugated metal then cut half of it out. Then I thought that was pretty hard, so Marcus had to do the rest! I'm lucky to have good men in my life!

Then I painted it all by myself. I used a couple of shades of white for the wings.

Then I mixed together red, hot pink, and light pink for the heart. I didn't want them to be solid colors. Next I sanded it up a little and then added watered down brown paint to distress it some.

I love it against the turquoise wall!

I also glued some flat marbles to a full length mirror.

Thankfully my helper came with me today to hang it.

Here's my other helper just chewing on some things:

I just added 3 things to the wall today. The sign is from Golightly's.

I also added a couple of things to her room too.

I added these vinyl cut outs to a Hobby Lobby mirror. I cut them out using my Silhouette. I love that thing.

I also used it to make her monogram:

And now here are some after pics of her mom's bathroom.
She wanted an antiquey look. And she also mentioned that she liked birds. It's always fun to decorate with a little bit of a theme!

I got the majority of the things from Golightly's. The picture on the top is a really old family one that they already had. I was so glad I found a place to put it.

This was a shelf high above the doorway. It was hard to get a good picture.

And in real life the walls are not near that yellow.

It was fun to shop with someone else's money! I'm pretty good at that!