8 Months

Katie Belle, you are 8 months old today!
Happy Birthday!

You are such a fun, happy baby. You love to play peek a boo and think it's hilarious every time!

You have almost 8 teeth and everything goes into your mouth, except food! You don't care for it much. You would rather just have a bottle. Honestly, I think it's easier too AND less messy, but we don't want you going to college with a bottle. So we try to push some food every day.

I can't wear jewelry anymore, because you attack it and want to taste it. Hopefully it's just a stage, because I miss my big fun colorful jewels. You are worth it though.

You can sit up on your own and are getting in the crawl position, but no actually crawling has happened yet. You talk to us all day long and you totally know what you're saying. You love to dance and sing along to music too. I love that!

Basically you are just a joy and a blessing all the way around.
We love you tons!


Meghan said...

Look @ those cheeks. OMG!

kimert said...

She is the cutest thing ever!! Happy 8 months!

Dana said...

She is just bubbling with personality! Her beautiful eyes seem to be so full of life and laughter...You have been truly blessed!

fortyb4forty said...

She is so precious. My little one turns 8 months next week. She loves jewelry, too. My 3 boys were never interested so I assume its a girl thing.
She makes me smile every time I see her picture!

Twinkle Terrior said...

Super cutie pie! Happy 8 mos old Katie ...with that adorable great big smile : )