Bathrooms Need Some Love Too

Remember when I decorated a teenagers bedroom here? Well I got to go back and spice up her bathroom a little bit and then work on her parents' bathroom too!

It all started with this:

I wanted a big heart with wings. Stuff like this is very expensive, so I wanted to make my own.
First, I needed my dad to make me a template, because he's artsy like that.

So I traced it on this corrugated metal then cut half of it out. Then I thought that was pretty hard, so Marcus had to do the rest! I'm lucky to have good men in my life!

Then I painted it all by myself. I used a couple of shades of white for the wings.

Then I mixed together red, hot pink, and light pink for the heart. I didn't want them to be solid colors. Next I sanded it up a little and then added watered down brown paint to distress it some.

I love it against the turquoise wall!

I also glued some flat marbles to a full length mirror.

Thankfully my helper came with me today to hang it.

Here's my other helper just chewing on some things:

I just added 3 things to the wall today. The sign is from Golightly's.

I also added a couple of things to her room too.

I added these vinyl cut outs to a Hobby Lobby mirror. I cut them out using my Silhouette. I love that thing.

I also used it to make her monogram:

And now here are some after pics of her mom's bathroom.
She wanted an antiquey look. And she also mentioned that she liked birds. It's always fun to decorate with a little bit of a theme!

I got the majority of the things from Golightly's. The picture on the top is a really old family one that they already had. I was so glad I found a place to put it.

This was a shelf high above the doorway. It was hard to get a good picture.

And in real life the walls are not near that yellow.

It was fun to shop with someone else's money! I'm pretty good at that!


Staci said...

COME TO MY HOUSE! I will bribe you with a fountain coke, a colorful straw and Mexican food!

doreen said...

Yes it is easy spending someone else's money. The project came out beatiful..
I am a new visitor and follower:)
Oh and your helper is just gorgeous!

kimert said...

I love the bathroom wall art! That mirror is fantastic.

O Mom said...

Those marbles on that mirror are genious!! I dont even know if I spelled genious right, but Im not saying I am! ha!

Lauren & Matt said...

Great job!!

Sonya said...

I would love to order one if these if you do any custom orders. My e-mail is smcantrell@blomand.net. Please let me know if you take orders! Thanks so much!
Sonya Cantrell

Erica said...

LOVE the beads around the mirror!!! Did you use Epoxy? I commented last year when you were on Kelly's SUYL and showed the window in your old bathroom. Its still on my list of "dreamy to do's". If you ever want to come to Missouri (where we also have all of our teeth and indoor plumbing) I want you to help decorate my house!!

Unknown said...

I don't own a "silhoutte" and have no idea how to find one? But I loooooooooooove your peace , heart and volleyball vinyl decals!!! My seventh grade daughter looves volleyball and is trying out for the 8th grade team-she did not make the seventh grade team, and it broke all of our hearts! Is there anyway that I could pay you to do the same thing you made-it's the perfect pink for her room(ideal!!!)and I would love for her to look at that and smile-I would be sooo happy and grateful if you could!! toigo4@msn.com thank you thank you!