Big Girl

Right now Katie is getting about 4 teeth. So everything is going into her mouth. Including Big Red and Dr. Pepper cans. Of course her dad is responsible for this! He couldn't be more proud!

The Big Red can was not open yet and she punctured it with her vampire teeth!

Also, Katie has become quite mobile. I used to be able to put her on her little pink playground and she would stay there. Not so much anymore.

She takes off in a flash!

I don't think I will ever have a completely baby proof house.
we got a cage for the baby!

I've got to be able to pee at some point in the day, so we needed a cage! I was feeling ok about until I saw on the package it said "pet play yard"! How sad.

I ordered it from Walmart.com and it did have kids playing in it on the picture! So it's not just for pets!

And look at my happy little puppy. I mean baby!


fortyb4forty said...

She is too precious for words. I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of Katie.I've been lurking for ages and love your blog.
I had a little girl 2 weeks after Katie. Katie and my little girl wear a lot of the same outfits:-)
Its so much fun to follow along and read about Katie's cuteness.
We have the same gate system and we bought it for our children, not our dogs;-).

Brooklynn said...

She is WAY too cute!!! Looks like such a happy baby!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Such a cute dr. pepper drinkin puppy!

The Kelsos said...

Dina~ we borrowed one just like this but I think we waited too long to use it because Grayer kind of hated it when we put him in there. You are doing itright to get her started in the cage early! :) She's just a doll!! So adorable!

Nutty Mom said...

I just found your blog off of Happy Home! Oh my word your little girl is just precious! I was curious what city your husband works for? Our hubby's might just be in the same one!

kimert said...

Love the baby cage! Could your baby please stop being so dang cute, my ovaries hurt when I open your blog. haha I kid I kid. She is adorable and I know she will only get prettier!

Dixie said...

You always make me smile!!!