I was just telling Marcus last week that I would LOVE to have a day where I could just lay in bed and watch movies...this is not how I wanted to earn that day, but at least I got it!

So these are the 3 movies I watched and in the order that I liked them.

Life as We Know It was really sweet and a teensy bit sad. I teared up a few times. I do in most movies though.

You Again was funny.
It had some of those awkward moments that are meant for humor, but they always make me nervous. Like when I watched Meet The Parents, I got a stomach ache. I just always feel the pain of the person that is embarrassed. It's kind of the same reason that I have to fast forward through parts of The Bachelor.

Then How Do You Know was my least favorite, but still OK. I really like Paul Rudd. I just didn't like how Reese's character kept staying with the cheater boyfriend. I couldn't relate.

No matter how much I like the movie, or not, I always want it to show more. If 2 people are in love in the end, please show them getting married and having babies. Even if it's just quick while the credits are rolling. I always need to see that!

So the last 2 days haven't been emotional, really. It's more the physical stuff I am dealing with. Yesterday, I had a terrible migraine. I think it has to do with the huge hormone shift and maybe a little bit of tension. And today I am having lots of pain and cramping again. I am on pain medicine and also self medicating with these:

Anna dropped a big bag of them on my porch. My church friends Catherine and Debbie dropped off some treats too! I am going to look pregnant, even if I'm not!

I am actually thinking about starting weight watchers next week. Have any of you had great success with that? I may just do it online and not have to go to the meetings. I am a little commitment phobic. Having an appointment every week makes me feel trapped. It's also the same reason I hated working 8 to 5 everyday. TRAPPED!

I need to polish off my donuts and buckets of chocolate first. I am not even about to start counting all those points!

Thanks again for all the prayers!


amberdawn said...

Dina-can I just say that even though I don't see you anymore, I love you!!!! And yes, weight watchers online works-if you track everything and stay on top of it! I love that there main thing is portion control! Gluttony runs in my family, so that scares me! (I know you are thinking I am skinny, but trust me in the past few years-muffin top is definitely setting in! :))

bella said...

I have been on weight watchers for 9 years. It took me 9 months to become a lifetime member as I lost 30 lbs. slowly. But I have kept it off. For me going in person to the meetings made me more accountable and the people there are so supportive and never critical. Once you learn the program it becomes easier to follow it. I like that I can eat anywhere and still follow this food plan. There is so much flexibility and it becomes a lifestyle. Give yourself time to heal before you begin though. You have been through a difficult challenge with a miscarriage and your body needs time to be adjust.

Dawn said...

I love the new WW program. I have lost close to 13. Good luck!!

Brooke said...

I watched Life As We Know It this week too!
I've never done WW, but I two of my friends were sooooo successful with it!

Nicole said...

Hi Dina! First of all, hoping you start feeling 100% better soon.

About 4 years ago I did WW to lose the rest of my baby weight (about 15 pounds that WOULDN'T come off). I not only lost the weight but the lifestyle change is one I still use today. I even have my little point counting slide in my kitchen desk drawer and I probably use it about 20 times a week. Once you're on it, your mind just seems to think in the points perspective when you are buying foods, preparing foods, etc. I like it because it does not feel like dieting. Sure, you starve to death until you get used to it. But you really can have a bag of donuts if you have accounted for their points during the rest of the week.

I'd be glad to help in any way I can!

Rest up!


Anonymous said...

All those movies I want to see... I just don't take the time to watch them... there's always something else that has to be done it seems. Thanks for the tips! Hope you're feeling better.

A Boy, His Girls & A Big Dog said...

I am the EXACT same way when a movie ends and you don't see the marriage or the first child...kills me. I sometimes growl at the screen.
Weight Watchers...everyone I know LOVES it, but the folks that have the most success DO go to the meetings, its the commitment (that you hate) that holds you accountable :) GOOD LUCK!

P.S. So very sorry for your loss...

Catherine said...

Hey, I'm doing weight watchers online but I need a friend to keep me accountable. The first four weeks were great and I lost 4 pounds quickly but now I am having trouble staying motivated even thought I have lots more weight to loose. I can help explain the system to you and we can set goals and buy shoes or something... Every 5 pounds gets a new pair of shoes???

Twinkle Terrior said...

"LIFE AS WE KNOW IT" ... I saw it at HASTINGS today and almost picked it up! I'm glad you liked it and will put it on our list of wanna-see! The mini-donuts are required to go with the meds! (Must take with food!!!) AND..my aunt was super successful on weight watchers. It is very easy online nowadays. and you can get frozen foods with the points right on the package if you want quick and convenient- very flexible /no weekly meetings. Good luck, and God bless.

Lacy said...

Well Ditto to the above commments about ww. I was on the old plan each time I had my two children and it worked...but my mindset has changed this time and I began the new program in January and have lost 21 pounds and my girlfriend has lost 27. We both do the online program and I love it because I use the computer all day and log my points and read the tips on the site every day. It is wonderful and a partner helps sooo much. I am also very sorry for your loss, I was so sad to read that last week. I am so glad you are being loved on...if I was in that area I would love to come share powdered donuts with you and hold that pretty little girl. God Bless.