I got some flowers today.

These are from my boyfriend, AKA, my husband:

He's been doing everything around here this week. I appreciate him and these flowers!

And these are from my mom:

I love flowers. And they don't make you fat!

We got out for a few minutes today and went to the park. It was perfect weather.

This baby loves to swing!

And of course we had to get a snow cone. I couldn't decide between my 2 faves; strawberry shortcake or peachy melon with gummie bears. So I got strawberry shortcake with gummie bears. I think Marcus was a little embarrassed to order it.

It was a good decision.

There seems to be lots of you in this "miscarriage club" with me... Is it supposed to last this long? I am still having pain and cramps and "stuff". It has surprised me a little. I wish I could have just had the surgery and been done with it. It was going to cost $2,480.40 with insurance, so it's possible Marcus prayed for me to do it on my own?!

I think I should at least get half that money for my trouble. Don't you think so?
Just think how many snow cones I could buy!


Farris Family said...

Bless your heart!

ckeene14 said...

I just wanted to pop in and check on you. To answer your question... I was scared to have the surgery and so I waited, and "delivered" at home. (there just doesn't seem an appropriate word for it) It was the worst pain of my life, and yes, the severe pain lasted for about two days and then I had cramping and "stuff" for almost two weeks afterwards. Everyday it got a little bit better. The emotions of it all were just so intense. Still is when I think about it. But I know I have a baby waiting for me in Heaven someday. My son was 5 when it happened and at aged 6 now, he still talks about the baby in heaven.

On another note. I did WW once. Never went to a meeting, bought the info off of eBay. Lost about 20 lbs. It wasn't that bad. However once I stopped it all came back. Nine months ago I had my daughter, so I think it's time I start up again. I'd love to lose about 40, but 20 would be nice at this point!

Hope my message helps some. Hang in there, everyday it'll get a little better.


Staci said...

Unfortunately I'm a charter member of the club. 3 times over. I had one miscarriage at home, one d&c and one was ectopic so I had a bigger surgery. They all sucked. With the one at home, the worst part lasted about 2-3 days, then cramping/bleeding for another couple of weeks. Took about a month of spotting before things regulated a couple of months later. I still had same bleeding/cramping even with the d&c. Not as bad and maybe not quite as long but I didn't escape it all together.

Have you tried milkshakes? I swear, they cure everything!


Anonymous said...

You're so funny! I think you should get half that money too!! = ) But yeah... I felt crampy and like 'butt' for awhile afterwards too. And I didn't have the surgery either. I think that's normal. Good luck and I hope you start to feel better soon.

Nicole said...

Dina .. you have the most positive personality and you make me smile, even when I read your difficult stuff. Wish I lived closer. I could just eat Katie up .. and I might take a bite of your snow cone.

Ashley Tremaine said...

Hi Sweet Dina! Yes...it hurts for days, but it will eventually hurt a little less and less and turn into a regular period feeling. I cannot believe that you would have to have paid that much WITH insurance!!! I had to pay for 2 D&C's in a row {because they didn't get all of the baby the first time..sorry if TMI} and that was only $600. Glad you didn't have to pay that amount! Phew! That snow cone looks delish!! You are too funny and I enjoy reading all the wonderful things you have to say!!

Nutty Mom said...

I've gotta drive up there and try your snow-cone place, it sounds great!

To answer your question, for me it went both ways. The first time I miscarried it lasted about 3 and a half weeks. Some days being light, others being so heavy that I didn't want to go anywhere. But then when I miscarried Donut's twin it was short. Just a couple of days where I'd have a "gush" and that was it. So I guess it depends on each situation. I pray that your body will resolve quickly, because the emotions get SO much better when you're not visually reminded every day.

And hey, a few more of those snow cones couldn't hurt either!

Amy said...

Hey Dina,
I've never miscarried but I wanted to add that if you're still nursing Katie, that could cause the cramping. When you nurse, your uterus contracts. That's partly why they say it is good- to help your uterus go back to normal after having a baby. Try to notice if the cramping comes after nursing. If so, you are having (for lack of a better word, so sorry) afterbirth pains.
Praying for you.

Miss G said...

Dina, I am so, so, so sorry! I am over here catching up on all things Dina. I haven't been reading blogs much at all since we found out last Monday that we're moving to Colorado next Wednesday and I have been busy, busy. But I noticed there was a lot of traffic coming to my blog from yours :) so I came over to investigate and I love the part about the snowcones and I hate the part about the miscarriage. I am so sorry. I applaud you for sharing so openingly on your blog. I am sure it is and will be so helpful to so many people. Satan wants the hurtful ugly things in life to live in darkness and Christ lets the light shine in!

We did go get snowcones two Saturdays ago I think it was and since I can't eat dairy right now I couldn't have any whipped cream but I got the nerdle and it was soo fun! I am really hoping that I can make one last trip back (that is really too sad even to type) before we leave and I may just have to try your peach melon gummy bear concoction. Did I get that right?

Take care!! Kelly

oh yeah, I haven't ever done WW but I did buy Lysa Terkeurst's book Made to Crave. I think it's gonna be good although convicting and i've got to actually get into reading it past the first little bit.

Thomas and Jamie said...

Yes, unfortunately cramping for a few days seems to be the norm...or at least it was for me. I had severe cramping the first two days then just regular menstrual cramps for about a week after! The bleeding should stop after about a week as well (kinda like a period.)

Still thinking of you dear!

Frugal Jen said...

We're praying for your Dina!

Which snow cone place do you go to? We're trying to find a good one. Seems you know the secret.