9 Months

Katie turned 9 months old yesterday!

This was her 2 month picture. I thought she was so big then!

She still has the same thighs!

This is what most of Katie's pictures look like, because she is always on the go.

She got to see her friend Colson yesterday. He's Anna's third son. He is 6 weeks younger than Katie, but about 12 months bigger!

This is one of the boys she can marry if she wants to!

He was getting a little handsy!

Katie started crawling recently. I kind of miss the days when I could plop her down somewhere and she just stayed there!

Marcus wants her to walk by Easter so they can hunt eggs together!

Maybe next year.

She is also trying to keep Blue company since Poncho died.

He loves her, but is a little afraid of her at the same time, because she is a hair puller!

9 month is a fun age.
Katie is just a fun baby.
She is just so happy and brings us lots of joy!


Staci said...

Such a sweetie! Love her outfit. About time to do photos again, momma!

Amanda's Mom said...

She's darling ... such an expressive little face. Ah, I remember those days ... I may even be ready for Round 2 (the grandparent years). Are you listening kids? Love your blog.

d said...

I love the pictures. I take monthly pics of my little one,too and its getting harder and harder to get her to stay still.Its fun to watch them grow.

kimert said...

I can't believe she is 9 months old already!!!! So cute!
The pic of the baby boy grabbing her skirt cracks me up!!!!

Allie said...

Hi Im Allie FROM OHIO!! I love your blog so much! I have followed you for so long and can't believe how I have never said hello! I have prayed for you and craved Sonic with you and think your daughter is just adorable! Youve inspire me in so many ways! My mother in law and two of our friends take a over night shopping trip each year for fantastic Christmas decor! GUESS what my DREAM shop to visit this year will be!!? Golightlys! I am so excited, anyway keep blogging your just awesome Dina :) God Bless!

Erin K said...

She's so beautiful!!! And getting so big! Glad she's keeping Blue company, even though she's a hair puller. :)

Erin K said...

Dina, what is your mom's favorite color? I'm making her a retirement gift and I want it to be in colors she loves.

Erin K said...

My email is erinkaminski@msn.com