I have been in a redecorating mood lately. I have always had 100s of magazines at my house that I look through constantly for inspiration.

Now I also look at other blogs for inspiration. I love it!

Better After is a blog that just posts before and after projects.
What a great idea!

And I recently found Poppies at Play too. They hosted a tour of homes last week. I think there are 2o homes featured? I could look at them for hours. Then they hosted a linky party on Saturday where other bloggers could link their home tour to the party!

It's hours of endless inspiration and coveting!


Schluter said...

YAY! Thanks for sharing those sites. I've never heard of them and it's just what I needed...more time wasters..haha!

kimert said...

This weekend my hubby mentioned something he wanted to do as far as decor in our kitchen. The first thing I said was, "OH you have to wait and see this one blog I follow. Her house is amazing!" ;) Maybe one day when we strike it rich OR I actually have the time I will get around to painting all the furniture I have in mind and start really decorating my house. After almost 6 years in it it may be time, huh!?

Frugal Jen said...

Dina where is your house? I was hoping you would post on her linky party. Everytime I see photos of your house I think "I want that".

KalynErnest said...

Thank you SO much for sharing better after! I have never read that before and it gave me the inspiration to redo our kitchen. We called the builder today!!