Did You Watch?

Did you watch the wedding this morning? I recorded it and watched after the sun came up. Everything was so beautiful. I loved Kate's dress.

They look so happy. Can you imagine being a real life Princess?

I Can!
Actually, I think I prefer being a commoner. I don't have the kind of manners it takes to be a princess!

I loved the Queen's sunny yellow dress. It makes her seem, not so stuffy.

And these girls are William's cousins. Fergie's daughters! Fergie was always bashed for her fashion sense, or lack of. So I won't bash these girls, because I am sure they are really sweet. The hat on the right kept reminding me of something out of Whoville. Right?

I can appreciate their gutsyness!

Best wishes to the new couple!


Taylin said...

I just got home from watching it with my mom and sisters. We had a party! Kate is gorgeous! You are much sweeter than we were about those hats!! Those things are horrible! But I guess they are also good because they are sure to bring a smile (or smirk) to everyone they see! ;)

Brandi said...

I've been watching all day long, kinda obsessed. I think Kate is adorable!!!! And I prefer to be a commoner too; not enough class for me. HEHE!!

Erin K said...

The hats were insane! And I absolutely watched. Can you imagine having the queen as your mother in law?

Kristen said...

I watched it. I thought it was beautiful.

I don't think I would like to be followed around. Who doesn't want to grocery shop in their bunny slippers and hair curlers and not have the world know.

kimert said...

For someone who said they would not watch...I ended up watching it.TWICE! LOL
Seriously, they are a beautiful couple. She is stunning. Gah, I would kill for a body like hers.

THose hats are crazy!!!

amberdawn said...

I loved it! I felt the same way about the queen in yellow! I thought-Wow! She seems happy today! :)

Lulu said...

I watched it, and I loved every single second of it! Such a fantastic event!