Happy Easter!

He is Risen.
The tomb is empty!

Both our families came over for lunch yesterday after church.

Unfortunately, Marcus had to work. Somebody's got to fight the fires and save lives!

We had plenty of chocolate for everyone!

Katie's first Easter:

Here are the cousins getting ready for the big egg hunt!

And the paparazzi getting all the action:

These are all Katie's cousins:

This picture makes it look like I have one leg, but I promise I have two! I was sitting on one of them. Not sure how that was comfy?

You can see both my legs here with Marcus's family. We missed him!

And my family:

It was a fun day!
I am so glad both families get a long so well that we can be together for holidays.

Sometimes it seems like Easter is the celebration of chocolate bunnies. It's much more. We are celebrating that Jesus is alive after being crucified for our sins. He paid the price and was the sacrifice. If you accept that gift from him, you will spend eternity in Heaven...which I am sure is full of chocolate bunnies!


ty said...

I LOVE your green couch :)

Kerbi said...

I LOVE all of your Easter Decorations!!

kimert said...

Great pics! Love Katie's dress.
And yes, HE arose!!!!! I hope you and your family had a very blessed Easter.

Erin K said...

I love your Easter decor and your home! You've done such an amazing job with transforming it.

FinsFan said...

of course Heaven has chocolate Easter bunnies! LOL Your blog is so cute Dina. We have a large, Italian family (on both sides) so Easter weekend began Thursday and is winding down today with one more airport run for part of the family. I thought of you b/c last night we rented a cute movie called "The Switch" with Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman. Like you...I always want it to be a happy story! I saw a couple you had recommended but the others had seen ........Take care, and God bless~ Christina