Mini Vacation

We decided kind of last minute to get away. We thought it might be nice to drive down to the Hill Country, because the bluebonnets this time of year are supposed to be amazing.
(PS we saw about 2 flowers due to their lack of rain last year)

Marcus gets Texas Monthly magazine so he knows all the good food places to stop. First we needed a snack, so we stopped at the Koffee Kup, in Hico.

Marcus got coconut meringue

And I got some kind of chocolate yummy pie!

Then we stopped at the Salt Lick for lunch.

This is Katie trying to be like her daddy.

We didn't give her a rib, but she got a pickle instead.

Next, we stopped in Wimberly to look at some cute shops. I got something for Katie's room in this store:

Finally, we made it to our hotel. We stayed at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort. It was beautiful.

We didn't know the Texas Valero Open was going to be there at the same time. So there were golfers everywhere. That was fine with me, because they were on the golf course and not in my pool!

Katie wasn't sure about the get up I had her in at first!

She loved the water.
The hotel has heated pools, a lazy river and water slides. It was so much fun!

I love this picture:

She looks guilty because she just had a major blow out. This was after her daddy cleaned her up!

We went to downtown San Antonio one afternoon. We rode the boat on the Riverwalk.

I hate this picture of me, because it highlights both of my chins, but I think my kid is pretty cute!

And if you're in San Antonio, you have to stop by the Alamo.

And then we ate at Mi Tierra. I loved all their gaudy colorful decor!

When we got back to the hotel, we headed straight for the pool!

This was right before we got on the road again, on our last day...

And outside our hotel window:

We went to Fredericksburg to shop and eat lunch. The weather was perfect, so we sat outside.

We really want to buy this old building on Main Street. It wasn't for sale, but we loved it! It's going to be Marcus's BBQ restaurant and my shop. Won't that be fun!

The inside had old wood floors and tin ceilings. And it had the most beautiful courtyard and staircases. Loved it!

OK, so after that Marcus wanted to go to Enchanted Rock and climb it. I was very skeptical.

It's made of granite. Anyway, it wasn't stroller or flip flop friendly, so Katie and I sat that one out. We just chatted with strangers while Marcus did the climbing.

Katie did great in the car. She is such an easy, laid back baby.

It was a fun little getaway.

But it's always good to come home!


Tori said...

My dad and his buddies go to Hill Country every year! They all ride their motorcycles and spend a few days that direction! So glad y'all got a little getaway! I love your hair curly-super cute! (Could Katie be any cuter in her swimsuits?!!)

laurensmommy said...

looks like a fun family vacation!! I would have totally spend my whole time in that pool...Katie is adorable!!

O Mom said...

Is Katie wearing an orange giraffe print swimsuit? My 17 year old daughter would be so jealous!! :)

Simply Smith said...

Hi Dina! Your trip looks like it was so much fun!

Ok, I have to tell you that I found your blog a few weeks back and fell in LOVE with it! I must have looked at pictures of your decorating a million times!! :D

Well, you inspired me! :D I went garage saleing today, and bought some GREAT pieces that I am going to transform for our bedroom (They'll be turquoise :) I feel like I need to let you take a look at them and help me spruce them up- your house is so beautiful!

Anyways, thought I'd just share that with you ;)

I'm also having a giveaway over at my blog if you'd like to stop by and check it out! have a great weekend!


amberdawn said...

I am just now playing blog-catch-up, so I am going to comment here on a few of your recent posts! :) First of all, I am so sorry about Poncho-please tell Marcus for me too. :( Also, I love your "new" bedroom! You make me want to change mine! LOL Also,with everything that you did on your get-a-way, I am not sure how you had anytime to lay out in the pool. ha ha PS Your hair looks super cute! Glad you are feeling better-please know that you have my prayers. Miss you!

amberdawn said...

PS_I am sooooo jealous that you got to go to Mi Tierra's. I love that place!!!!

Ashley Tremaine said...

OMGosh....I have such GREAT memories of the Koffee Kup restaurant!! I love that place. I was born in Lampasas right down the road from Hico. I am so glad ya'll had such a great time..you deserved it!!

Amanda said...

You are in so much trouble for not tellingme you guys were in S.A. Glad to see you had fun!