A New Day

I am loving this spring weather we are having. It was time to replace my winter flowers with some spring/summer ones.

These are mostly petunias and geraniums.

It is kind of hard to find red flowers. They are mostly pinks and purples. I love the red against the yellow house. I hope it's not too "McDonald's"!

The Easter Bunny came and laid some giant eggs in my front yard!

I got this stand in Canton, someone asked in the past if I made it. I didn't, but I bet you could!

And I think these are day lilies? They keep popping up in my flower bed. That is the only nice thing the past home owner did to this house. And thankfully they are red and match the other flowers!

I've got to add some Katie picks too!
This is her "Oh, is that a camera?" smile:

My mom gave her some Mum Mums. So we tried them out yesterday morning.

I think she likes them!

To me, she looks totally naked with out a bow.

I got 2 more surprises in the mail this week! My blog friend, Staci, gave me a Sonic gift card! So sweet! It's already gone!

And my friend Tricia, sent me this Peace magnet.

It's on the side of my pantry holding the sonogram picture.
Thanks girls!

This week has been so much better! On Saturday, I was finally done with all the pain and cramping. We were shocked that it lasted all week! I know surgery can be scary, but my advice to anyone in the same situation, would be to get it!

Anyway, on Saturday, when everything "finished" I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. It feels good to feel good again.

And emotionally, I have total Peace.
2 of my favorite Bible verses are;

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will keep your paths straight. Proverbs 3: 5-6


For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

So I know God has a plan for me. I don't have to always understand it, but I will trust Him. I acknowledge Him and give thanks to Him in the good times and bad.
That will give you peace that passes all understanding!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and sweet comments. I appreciate it all so much.
Now for some advice! You guys have the BEST advice.
The 3 of us are going to go on a short trip in the next week or two. We don't have a plan yet. Any suggestions?

We are going to drive, so it can't be super far from the DFW area.
I have heard good things about the Hyatt Hill Country in San Antonio. Or we thought about Fredericksburg or maybe the beach...


BAJohnson said...

I haven't commented yet but I'm so sorry about your miscarriage and have been thinking about you. I think you would love Fredricksburg!!! Or San Antonio. River walk is fun and relaxing.

kimert said...

I love the way the outside of the house looks! Not McD's at all. The eggs are awesome!!
Katie is of course adorable. And I am happy to hear you feel peace. (((hugs))) Still thinking and praying for you!

Jennifer said...

Fredericksburg is fun, but if you have never been you need to try the Wimberley Market Days. It is on the first Saturday of every month and you can find some great things there. It's like Canton, but much, much smaller and cheaper! Wimberely is near San Marcos, so we usually stay in San Marcos and make the 20 minute drive over to Wimberely for the day. If you go, let me know and I can recommend a good place to eat.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I stayed at the Hyatt Hill Country in January. It's close enough to downtown San Antonio for doing the riverwalk/Alamo one day, but far enough from the city to get the Hill Country experience. The views from the hotel (by the pool) are AMAZING! Fancy shopping is right down the street, and fun restaurants closeby. It's a great hotel - lots of things for everyone to do.

The Howell's said...

The Hyatt Hill Country is fabulous. San Marcos outlet shopping is a big-on-the-way bonus. ;-)

Denise said...

I am so glad that the physical part of all the blechy-ness is over for you.

Hyatt Hill Country is great and yes you are close enough to everything. Fredricksburg is very cute and small town with some really cute shops on main and if you stay there a B&B is the way to go. Wimberly market days is alot of fun to go to and alot smaller than Canton or Roundtop market days.

New Braunfels is also great as you have Greune and the downtown square plus you are 7 miles from the San Marcos outlets and 30 mins from the riverwalk and alamo. I happen to know a tour guide that would love to show ya'll around the area ;)

The weekend of April 15-17 Port Aransas is having the sandcastle compeitetion and displays www.texassandfest.com

Paige said...

So happy to see god's glory shine through you at such a hurtful time- and thankful that you are healing and peaceful:) We are going as a family to try out the hyatt hillcountry in a couple of weeks and taking callyn to sea world. we did the zoo last summer(she was about katies age then) and she loved it so we are hoping sea world is a hit. for familys great wolf is also wonderful- know it's not far from you but a great family environment and you never even have to leave the place (of course the grapevine mills mall is a great reason to leave if you must!)

Jennifer said...

Your flowers, and HOUSE are gorgeous!! I am so glad you are feeling better!

Michelle Langley said...

We LOVED the Hill Country Hyatt! That's where we went on our "babymoon". They even have a Kids Club that we will probably use when Jack is old enough (I think 3 yrs is the youngest). Josh and I may be returning there soon - maybe the fall! The only downer was that internet access what an extra cost at the hotel, so we had to go to Starbucks to get free WiFi. Not sure if that's changed... it's been a while!

FinsFan said...

Flowers are so fabulous....love the beach idea :) Think that would be great for yall! oxox

Laurie said...

Glad you are feeling better. You have a great blog and I LOVE your house! It is wonderful!!!!!!

Susan Brown Holland said...

We love, Salado, Fredricksburg and of course Granbury because it is so close! Have fun and sooo glad you are feeling better, Dina! You continue to be in my prayers!

Lauren & Matt said...

We had a family friend who went it for a DNC and the Doctor with many many years experience accidentally sucked out most of her intestines. She almost died on the table. She is in her 30's with three kids and the longest they say she can live without her intestines are a few years and with a transplant she will only live a few more. She spends majority of each day in the bathroom vomiting or with diarrhea and can hardly eat anything. Though there's risk with any surgical procedure, I would say don't choose a DNC unless you absolutely have to. She has an incredible testimony and she is an incredible writer.. Check out her blog http://funkycoldmedinas.blogspot.com/

Dawn said...

Fredericksburg and the Hill Country are amazing right now. I have a whole itinerary for you!!!! I'll email you!

Amanda said...

San Antonio!

Fredericksburg is also great for a day trip (especially if you like wine tasting). The main strip downtown has amazing shops that you would love.

Either way, call me so I can see Katie (and tell her about our college days) and you can meet Maddie and Brooke. Also, Zak said he hasn't seen you since your wedding day!