Road Trip!

We just got home from a little, much needed, vacation.

We even borrowed the minivan from my parents, so it was like an "official" family vacation! We felt like real adults.

Here's a sneak peek of our fun:

Now, I've got to go to bed, so tomorrow I can tackle the mountain of laundry we created!


Ann said...

Can't wait till we get to see all fun pics!! Looks great and you gotta love a minivan trip!!!!

Susan Brown Holland said...

So where did you guys end up, Dina? So glad you could get away for a few days! Looks like Katie loves vacations!:D

Nutty Mom said...

What a fun trip!

Do you know about the antique alley? It starts tomorrow and goes through Saturday. It's 25 miles of vendors, garage sales, shopping, and food. It's through Cleburne, Grandview, and Maypearl. Sounded like something you'd really enjoy. I'm hoping to get to go tomorrow, but we shall see!