The Weekend

I hope you all had a great weekend.

I have been waiting for Katie to fit into this cute cherry sweater forever...or at least 9 months. It was a gift from Anna and I love it.

Katie had this same cherry dress when she was brand new. I had to get her a big girl one so she could wear it this summer too. I have a thing for cherries!

I still just put her in Mary Jane socks, because shoes never fit her or stay on.

I kept having to wave my hand in the air...

because she kept trying to eat my camera strap!

On Friday night my family went to the teacher banquet, because my mom is retiring this year!

My mom, dad, sister Kelly, and me.

mom and dad

And here are some of the peeps from her school.

I know she will miss them, but we will be glad to have her around more.

Saturday morning, Katie was playing in the guest room and I left to go make her a bottle. When I came back I didn't see her! Then I noticed a little hand behind the curtain!

"What are you looking at lady?"

And poor Blue has been blue since Poncho died last week. Marcus looks pretty blue here too.

This weekend we started looking for a puppy. No luck so far.

Do any of you know a cute puppy that needs a good home?
A REAL puppy, like the brand new kind.
Not one that already has bad habits!

Oh and we want a large breed dog. Marcus calls any small breed dogs, cats!


Courtney and Stephen Osborne said...

My heart is breaking for Blue. I hope you find him a little buddy soon.

BAJohnson said...

I know someone who is about to have another litter of labs. We have one from a previous litter. They are beautiful dogs AKC registered. They should be born in a few weeks in Abilene. Two hours west of Ft Worth. Chocolate mom and yellow dad.

Nicole said...

Okay, I about started bawling when I saw that picture of Blue. Good grief! If you are looking for a great dog, get a Border Collie! We love, love, love ours!!!

KalynErnest said...

Check the local Humane Society for a puppy. Our pet stores here do adoption Sunday. The local rescues bring all the available dogs, a lot of puppies too, for you to look at and adopt.

amberdawn said...

Dina-while looking on Craigs List trying to see if anyone found Hershey, Jason found a bunch of ads for super cute lab puppies!

Jennifer said...

Love the cherries! She is just SO her Daddy! :)

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

When I read your post about the pup passing, it broke my heart. I have 2 myself and I couldn't imagine losing one. I bet your poor Blue is sad. On a lighter note, don't you think it's funny that even when babies are little, they put those little traction things on the bottom of their socks, like a 2 month old could get up and run away! Ha ha! I have like, 10 pairs of those things and they are awesome, they never fall off!

Staci said...

Oh, I love her little dress and sweater. Have you seen that Hobby Lobby is carrying bows, headbands, hats and even these little maryjane socks now. Cheap!

Lauren & Matt said...

Love the cherry dress! Poor Marcus and Blue :-( maybe I will bring over one of our dumb dogs ;-P just messing.. I wouldn't wish such a thing on you ;-) have a happy Easter!