Memorial Day

We celebrated Memorial Day at the Fire Station, because Marcus had to work.

He brought his smoker up there and made brisket, ribs, and sausage. He also made sausage stuffed with cheese and jalepenos and wrapped it in bacon! I think he should name it the delicious heart attack. Marcus is a really good cook and hopefully one day he'll have his own restaurant. Of course, I would have to have a cute little store attached to it!

OK, I got off the subject.
The guys set up an extra table since everyone invited their families. I had to get a picture of their fancy napkins:

They are dishtowels! I was just impressed that they set the table for us.

We had a great time and these two were happy to be reunited for a little bit.

I hope you all had a happy Memorial Day. And thanks to all of you who serve in our military. And I am sorry for all who have lost loved ones serving. I can't even imagine...

Today I am trying to clean up the house and I want to say Thank You to Praise Baby! You make the best videos!

Katie has seen it one million times, but always acts like it's the first. I just put her in her stroller while I vacuum, do laundry, or something just as exciting!

They are great, because they are nice and slow and don't cause ADD like other kid's videos. AND it's totally amazing what I can get done in 3o minutes!


PJ's and The Pool

Katie has recently outgrown most of her PJ's. Her toes were curling at the end of her footy pajamas. So now she is in big girl PJ's. I am sure some bigger footy pajamas will be in her future this winter.

There's nothing cuter than a squeaky clean baby in her chick jammies!

I just bought Katie this toy, because I feel like it's every babies' right of passage to own one. Her childhood wouldn't be complete with out it.

I have lots of pictures like this one. Once Katie sees the lens cap, she wants to shove it in her mouth! After this, I read her a bedtime story. I picked Hansel and Gretel. I guess I have always heard of them, but didn't remember the story. It is SCARY! I kept reading, because I wanted to find out what happened. I was hoping she didn't have nightmares last night. The story gives step moms and gingerbread houses a bad name.

Today, we went swimming at my parent's house for the first time this year!

First, we watched Blue and Marcus get in:

Then Katie was ready.

The pool was a little chilly, but she loved it! This girl doesn't fuss about anything.

She did lots of splashing and kicking.

I was in the pool too, but I don't look near as cute in my bathing suit as Katie does. We do have the same rolls though!



Teen Dream

I had the opportunity to decorate another teenager's room! I love doing teen rooms, because we pretty much have the same taste!

Here's a BEFORE pic:

and AFTER:

The walls are an antiquey turquoise color called pitter patter. And the bedding and curtains are from Target.







That's a chalkboard between the 2 shutters.

It was so much fun to do! I hope Lauren has sweet dreams in this room!

Speaking of fun....

me (in my Walmart dress), Anna, Courtney

I got to go out with these fun girls for Anna's birthday! We had the best time and we laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. ALMOST!



It's HOT! So that means it's time for Lemonade Pie!

I made some today! Don't be jealous. You can make a lemonade pie too!
You can find my recipe here.

I always double the recipe, because it calls for 6 oz of frozen lemonade. Sometimes a 6 oz can is hard to find. So I just get a 12 oz can and double the other ingredients.

And another sweet thing, is this sweet baby!

I finally took Katie's 10 month picture in her pink chair.

She already has a mouth full of teeth. Did you know that brand new teeth are sharp! It kind of makes me a little glad I'm not breast feeding anymore, if you know what I mean!

She LOVES Snoopy! This Snoopy is from Kara. Kara and I bonded over our love of Snoopy almost 29 years ago!

My sister in law got this dress at a garage sale and I love it. I think because it has pink and red on it and those are Katie's favorite colors. Or at least they are her mom's favorite colors!

I hope you had a good weekend!


10 Months

I just took some NyQuil so I am not responsible for anything I say here. I have inherited a cold from Katie, that she inherited from Marcus.

Anyway, the medicine is already kicking in and I see 2 of you now. BUT, I couldn't let another day pass with out acknowledging Katie's 10 month Birthday! It was on the 14th. Usually I take her picture in her pink chair, but that hasn't happened yet.

This is Katie at 4 months:

This is the big 10 month old attacking a strawberry:

Thankfully, I stripped her down to her diaper. She made a giant mess.

She's pretty proud of herself!

10 months is fun. She is crawling all over the place and pulling up. She says mama and dada and I think she is starting to know what they mean! Katie still has a sweet laid back personality. She will happily go to anyone, especially if that anyone is wearing a necklace!

I need to start planning the 1 year bash! I can't believe it's almost here!

And, in other news,
I finally finished painting Katie's room!
Marcus put up boards to give the room a board and batten look.

This is it with one coat of white paint. It just took a million more coats and then I was done!

I painted the top a very light blue. It looks cute. I still need to hang stuff on the wall, but I will get pictures to you soon.

OK, I am almost knocked out. Going to bed now.



I guess Blogger has been under the weather lately, because it was not letting do any posts. So now I can finally talk to you people!

Look what I made with the help of my friend Ryane:

I will show you more of that party in a minute.

First we need to talk about my mom's retirement party. She just has 2 weeks of school left!

She will always be a teacher though. I just got an email from her the other day editing my blog! I am sure she has red pen marks on her computer screen.

This is her trying to process the party!

My sister and I made a banner. Kelly cut out the triangles and I made the letters using my silhouette machine. I love that thing. Then I just tied it together with ribbon.

My mom with her teacher friends:

Grampy giving Katie a bottle:

It was a great party. We will be glad to have my mom around more. Hopefully she'll feel like babysitting a certain cute little girl that I know.

OK the next party was lots of fun too. I
had my 9th grade girls from church over the day before Mother's Day. We made cute gifts for their moms! My friend Ryane led us in a little tutorial.

First you start with a tile and then modge podge some scrapbook paper on it:

Then we modge podged a scripture on top of that. Some cut out each line and some had it all on one piece of paper.

Then it was time for the embellishements. We hot glued ribbon, flowers and buttons.

They turned out so cute!

I know they were so proud to give them to their moms too!

Aren't all these girls the cutest things you've ever seen?! I love them.

On Sunday, I let them teach me about being a good mother. I asked them what they appreciate most about their moms, what embarrasses them, and just anything else they wanted to tell me about raising a daughter.

In case you were wondering, they get totally embarrassed when their moms dance. Katie loves when I dance now, so I wonder when that will change. And they wish their moms would put the phone down when they are around. Which I thought was kind of funny, because I am pretty sure every teenager is glued to their phone.

I always learn a lot from them!
I guess I need to dance now, before Katie learns how to roll her eyes!