I guess Blogger has been under the weather lately, because it was not letting do any posts. So now I can finally talk to you people!

Look what I made with the help of my friend Ryane:

I will show you more of that party in a minute.

First we need to talk about my mom's retirement party. She just has 2 weeks of school left!

She will always be a teacher though. I just got an email from her the other day editing my blog! I am sure she has red pen marks on her computer screen.

This is her trying to process the party!

My sister and I made a banner. Kelly cut out the triangles and I made the letters using my silhouette machine. I love that thing. Then I just tied it together with ribbon.

My mom with her teacher friends:

Grampy giving Katie a bottle:

It was a great party. We will be glad to have my mom around more. Hopefully she'll feel like babysitting a certain cute little girl that I know.

OK the next party was lots of fun too. I
had my 9th grade girls from church over the day before Mother's Day. We made cute gifts for their moms! My friend Ryane led us in a little tutorial.

First you start with a tile and then modge podge some scrapbook paper on it:

Then we modge podged a scripture on top of that. Some cut out each line and some had it all on one piece of paper.

Then it was time for the embellishements. We hot glued ribbon, flowers and buttons.

They turned out so cute!

I know they were so proud to give them to their moms too!

Aren't all these girls the cutest things you've ever seen?! I love them.

On Sunday, I let them teach me about being a good mother. I asked them what they appreciate most about their moms, what embarrasses them, and just anything else they wanted to tell me about raising a daughter.

In case you were wondering, they get totally embarrassed when their moms dance. Katie loves when I dance now, so I wonder when that will change. And they wish their moms would put the phone down when they are around. Which I thought was kind of funny, because I am pretty sure every teenager is glued to their phone.

I always learn a lot from them!
I guess I need to dance now, before Katie learns how to roll her eyes!


Lisa said...

Love following your blog and I love the Mother's Day tiles. I think Britt and I will do that for gifts sometime, we love to craft together. I wanted to ask you what size Katie is in right now. Also, If I made her some fire fighter theme sets, could you and I photograph her at the fire station. I thought it may be a cute modeling gig! All the clothes are a gift of course! Just let me know your thoughts. Thank you Dina!

Staci said...

What a great idea. Can I send Sofia to you to make me something pretty?

Congrats to your mom! I'll bet she's counting the days til she can Katie all to herself!

Fabiola said...

Let me just say, you know how to throw a party ;) I cannot wait to read all about Katie's 1st birthday party!!!

Also, I want to ask you something, but I'm not sure if a blog comment would be appropriate. It is about your conversion from Catholic to Baptist. If you an write me a e-mail at fabiolachiarelli@hotmail.com. Thank you!!

Erin K said...

Bummed I had to leave your mom's party early to pick up Sophia. :( What a great party! Great job on the banner. She looked so great that day!

I need to find out what the difference is between the Cricuit and the Silhouette.

Cool idea for the tiles!

KristenB said...

What a wonderful project and what a WONDERFUL Sunday School lesson. I bet that was so nice. =)