PJ's and The Pool

Katie has recently outgrown most of her PJ's. Her toes were curling at the end of her footy pajamas. So now she is in big girl PJ's. I am sure some bigger footy pajamas will be in her future this winter.

There's nothing cuter than a squeaky clean baby in her chick jammies!

I just bought Katie this toy, because I feel like it's every babies' right of passage to own one. Her childhood wouldn't be complete with out it.

I have lots of pictures like this one. Once Katie sees the lens cap, she wants to shove it in her mouth! After this, I read her a bedtime story. I picked Hansel and Gretel. I guess I have always heard of them, but didn't remember the story. It is SCARY! I kept reading, because I wanted to find out what happened. I was hoping she didn't have nightmares last night. The story gives step moms and gingerbread houses a bad name.

Today, we went swimming at my parent's house for the first time this year!

First, we watched Blue and Marcus get in:

Then Katie was ready.

The pool was a little chilly, but she loved it! This girl doesn't fuss about anything.

She did lots of splashing and kicking.

I was in the pool too, but I don't look near as cute in my bathing suit as Katie does. We do have the same rolls though!



Erin K said...

Every child definitely needs those stacking rings. It's a must. Katie looks so cute in her jammies and her suit!

kimert said...

I totally agree about the stacking rings. Definitely a must have toy for any kid!

You crack me up! I bet you looked like a proud, happy mama in your suit. Have a fun summer!!

Anonymous said...

She is too cute. Your parents' pool is super nice. I grew up with a pool my whole life and don't have one now and I miss it so much!

FinsFan said...

Katie is so adorable in her lady bug float! :)