It's HOT! So that means it's time for Lemonade Pie!

I made some today! Don't be jealous. You can make a lemonade pie too!
You can find my recipe here.

I always double the recipe, because it calls for 6 oz of frozen lemonade. Sometimes a 6 oz can is hard to find. So I just get a 12 oz can and double the other ingredients.

And another sweet thing, is this sweet baby!

I finally took Katie's 10 month picture in her pink chair.

She already has a mouth full of teeth. Did you know that brand new teeth are sharp! It kind of makes me a little glad I'm not breast feeding anymore, if you know what I mean!

She LOVES Snoopy! This Snoopy is from Kara. Kara and I bonded over our love of Snoopy almost 29 years ago!

My sister in law got this dress at a garage sale and I love it. I think because it has pink and red on it and those are Katie's favorite colors. Or at least they are her mom's favorite colors!

I hope you had a good weekend!


Peyton said...

Is this the BIG tub of cool whip or a smaller size?

Mallorie said...

That sounds really good...I'm just going to have to make that!!! Looks like I'll be making a trip to the store tomorrow :-)