Three's Company

Remember how I told you that I was doing a project in Katie's room and that I would be done by the weekend? Well I lied, but it was an accident. I am doing a project in there, but I am not finished yet, due to a giant migraine that came to visit me last week.

BUT, I did join forces with Michelle and Jennifer at Golightly's. We are now sharing a space there.

We met up at Golightly's on Thursday and combined our things. We each had our own individual spots, but it's easier to share since we all have kids. Michelle has 3 BOYS, Jennifer has 2 girls and I have one little baby, and probably get the least amount of stuff done.

Right now it's a mish mash of stuff, but it turned out pretty good.

If you are in the DFW area come by Golightly's and do some shopping! They are actually having a great anniversary sale at the beginning of June! I know I will be doing some shopping then!

OK, I promise I will be finishing up Katie's room soon. So far, I am loving it!


Will said...

I was so surprised to see all the changes after being gone for a few days! Your space looks amazing and I know you girls will have fun working together!

amberdawn said...

Sorry about the migraine-it must be something with stuff in the air. I haven't had one in over a year, and then was completely debilitated earlier today! Almost couldn't see while driving Carson home-so scary! But, many meds and lots of rest, and I am now left with a slight "normal" headache! I am going to have to go check out the shop! :)

Jennifer said...

I cant wait to see the big reveal!