Katie's Room

...the never ending project!

Katie's room is almost done, so I thought I would share it with you.

I always thought I would have my nursery done the day after the gender sonogram. BUT, we had our house on the market, so I didn't know where Katie's nursery was going to be. We moved when she was 10 days old. Not optimum decorating time. I got it done, but never LOVED it.

This was at Christmas.

The khaki walls weren't doing it for me.

So I painted them blue and did a faux board and batten treatment on the bottom. Actually Marcus did that part.

This picture is complete with toys and everything! I think I always wanted the walls blue, but felt funny painting a baby girls' room blue. At least her ceiling is pink!

I have a half way done sign that is going under that crown.

And I made the mobile with an old lamp shade frame and some ornaments.

I wanted to get a picture of Katie's crib, so I can remember this time of her blankie and wubbanubs. We have 2, because sometimes she throws them overboard. She only takes a pacifier when she is in her crib and these are the only 2 we have.

And this is Katie going after one of her toys that ended up under the bed:

That dresser is painted a really pale pink. I need to find something for inside of the 2 pink frames too.

This is the chair we feed Katie in at night. And my mom made that afghan for her.

So I feel like it will be complete when I can fill the pink frames and finish the sign for under her crown. OH and CLEAN OUT HER CLOSET! That actually sounds like a job for her Nonni


Half Way There!

Don't you want to start singing, Bon Jovi's Livin on a Prayer right now? Ohhhhhh, we're half way there ere. Oh oh livin on a prayer ayer...

OK, half way til Christmas!! Today is Jesus's half birthday! I hope they celebrate half birthdays in heaven. They will when I get there!

Here are some Christmassy pics to get you in the mood! I am in the mood for it not to be 100 + degrees everyday!

Coke tree!

Marcus and Stephen at our ugly Christmas sweater party!


My parent's house at Christmas time:


So, I have been wondering... how do you have Christmas trees and decorations when a toddler lives in your house?


1st Father's Day!

Katie is so lucky to have the best daddy in the world!

They are crazy about each other!

Today we celebrated at my parent's house and Marcus's family came too!

Katie with her Grampy!

Girls need great dads.
I am thankful Katie and I have them!


Sweets and Treats

We were out and about ALL day yesterday, so we went out to eat TWICE. Marcus got to pick the places since it is Father's Day weekend.

For dinner we had BBQ. I was giving Katie a taste of my ice cream and she just took over. She loved it and some how knew how to eat ice cream. I guess she's just advanced like that!

If this is not your kid, it might be grossing you out. But since she's mine, I thought it was pretty cute!

Earlier in the day we went to Kincaid's in Ft. Worth. They have been around since the dinosaurs. They have the 2nd best hamburgers in the world. I think Dutch's is #1.

Katie is saying Hi to you! And please ignore that wedgie behind her!

I guess I am going through my day backwards, because these are from the morning. Marcus made a smoothie and let Katie try some.

She loved it.
When she saw me pull the camera out, she had to cheese it up a little bit!


I was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face. And the pictures are a little blurry because I was shaking from the giggles.

Not a bad day!


11 Months!

Katie Belle is 11 months old!

I feel like she is changing right before my eyes. Every day she seems older. It's so fun, but really sad too.

I love Katie to pieces, but I also really like her. Does that make sense? She is so sweet and fun to be around. Still super laid back and always happy. And she tries to make us laugh now, and it works every time!

I took this picture in the middle of the night. From her monitor it looked like her face was smooshed against the bumper. Sometimes I still go in and do a "breathing check".

Katie still likes to cuddle with her daddy.

And smile for the camera!

Katie you are such a JOY and a blessing!

Next month...ONE YEAR!


Party Animals

2 Parties in one day!

Today was my brother in law, Jeff's, birthday. Here is the birthday boy, with Melissa.
My niece, his daughter, but known as the Super Cake Baker!

And here is with my other niece, Jennifer, who just made captain of her drill team! Woo hoo!

And Katie was in HEAVEN playing with all their old toys!

Earlier in the day we went to a pool party for our Sunday school class.

Katie was in awe of all the teenagers! Or maybe she was jealous that they were in the pool.

I thought about putting her in the pool with them, but if someone got a text message or something, Katie would have had to fend for herself. And this mom was not about to get in her bathing suit around a bunch of 15 year olds. Although it might be good birth control to show them how babies can give you stretch marks!


Our Kitchen Awning

My sweet husband made me an awning for my kitchen! He did it awhile ago, but I kept waiting for the counters to be clean and the sink to be empty to take a picture! I don't think that will ever happen, so the sink is full right now, but just focus on the awning!

Marcus just got some corrugated metal and then made a frame for it. The bottom scallop is wood. I traced a saucer to get the size I wanted, then he cut it out.

This is the space before the awning. Kind of nekkid:

When he first put it up, I just painted it black and white. Still looked kind of nekkid to me.

So I added pink and green stripes. Pink and green make everything cuter, if you ask me! I already had the paint. The pink is from my dining room walls and the green is the same color as the kitchen walls.

Love it!

Now, I just need someone to do my dishes!

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Have you read Heaven is For Real?

My sister got it for me after my miscarriage. I NEVER read books. I know how to read, I usually don't have the patience though. I finally started it the other night and could not put it down. I almost finished it in one sitting, but at 2 am my eyes started to cross. So I finished it the next night. I loved it and though it was so hopeful.

I have always believed in Heaven and I really can't wait to go. I am not afraid to die at all. I would rather not die right now, because I want to raise Katie, but if I did...be happy for me, because I know I will be in Heaven!

The book is about Colton, who got very sick after his appendix burst, and almost died. After he recovered he told stories about Jesus and Heaven. You will just have to read it to hear all the details. But my favorite part was when he told his mom he had 2 sisters. She said no, you just have one sister. He said he met his other sister in Heaven. She didn't have a name, but she just kept hugging him. What Colton didn't know is that his mom had a miscarriage before he was born. They didn't know if it was a boy or girl, so she didn't have a name yet.

I am excited to meet my baby in Heaven one day. I have no doubt he or she is there. What a lucky kid to get to born into Heaven. No reflux, no diaper rash, no gas pains, no bumps and bruises when learning how to walk, no potty training, no shots, no time outs, no school, no cleaning your room, no puberty, no zits, no friend drama, no heart break...nothing bad, just Heaven!


Memory Lane

I was going through some old pictures on my computer and ran across pics of our 2nd house. I loved this house. We moved in on our 5th anniversary. A couple offered to buy it 3 years later.

I was a Realtor and showed them a house next door. Then I had them over to our house and they called me later that night and asked if we would sell it. Marcus was at work and told him I might have sold our house! They needed a decision by the next day. So we said YES!

It's funny because I felt like God kept whispering "get your house ready to sell" 6 months before that. So we did little things to the house to fix it up "just in case".

This was our bedroom. We got the bed as a wedding gift from Marcus's parents. I love it and plan on keeping it forever. I wonder if I will ever paint it? It's rare for me to have unpainted wood furniture.

This was a little hallway going into the bedroom. I got that chandelier at Walmart and I wish I had bought 50 of them. I love it!

My kitchen and a small glimpse into the back yard. I wish I had a better picture of it, because it was really pretty. It was beautifully landscaped before we bought the house.

My aunt painted that cherry picture for me.

I miss my red sink!

I still have all my Mary Engelbreit stuff. That is rare for me to hold on to the same decor. It's just so HAPPY!

My formal living room: We used this room a TON. I always hosted Bible studies here, lots of showers and parties too.

That 6 pane window is hanging in Katie's room now. I got it from my old store The Little Blue House. It was an actual old blue house. When the owner of the building replaced the windows I kept one of the old ones. ( did you know I had a store once upon a time? I had it for 4 years. I was 25 and had no business sense at all. I still don't. I just like the fun parts. That's why now I'm in Golightly's and they do all the responsible stuff for me!)

I got this couch at Sam's when we were first married. This is the reupholstered version.

Guest room

The new owners bought the bedding from all 3 rooms, so they wouldn't have to paint! It was fun to buy all new stuff for my next house!

Another guest room:

My toile entry looking into my dining room:

My TV room. Courtney has this couch and chair now!

And the most fun room was my half bath. It was off the laundry room.

I painted it with chalk board paint!

My nieces and nephews had lots of fun in here. Adults did too!

It was fun to visit my 2nd house again! Now we are in our 5th house! We have only been here a year and sometimes I get the moving bug. I actually hate to pack and move, but it's fun to redo a new place.

We'll see...