1st Father's Day!

Katie is so lucky to have the best daddy in the world!

They are crazy about each other!

Today we celebrated at my parent's house and Marcus's family came too!

Katie with her Grampy!

Girls need great dads.
I am thankful Katie and I have them!


Erin K said...

Cute pics!! And cute dress Katie!

kimert said...

Great pics! I hope your hubby had a wonderful Father's Day!

Mallorie said...

Awww :-) So cute!!! I can't wait for this time next year so I can take pictures of my little girl with her Daddy!!!

Twinkle Terrior said...

Great pictures ! Looks like a super fun Fathers Day for Katie with her Daddy & Grand-daddy! :)

Jennifer said...

I have a house painting question for you because you are the only person I "know" that is not afraid of pain. Is it possible for me to email you, or would you rather I leave my question just in the comments? Thanks so much!