For some reason, I haven't been able to upload pics for the last couple of days. So, even though it's Tuesday, I am going to tell you about Friday Night Fireworks! From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, Grapevine has fireworks every Friday night over the lake. For the past couple of years Marcus and I have gone almost every Friday.
We love it.

I was afraid having a baby might cramp our Friday night firework plans, but it has not! We took Katie and she was great. It was super late for her, but we made sure she had a late nap and it worked out!

Of course Blue was there too!

I would love summer time if it weren't for the miserable heat. It has been almost 100 here for the last few days. Plus enough humidity to give everyone an afro!

BUT I do love, fireworks, snow cones, it being lighter later, cook outs, flip flops, swimming, all the teachers, tutors and kids in my family are out of school, and it's just a more laid back time of year. So I guess I will just put my hair in a pony tail and deal with the heat.

Oh and I have my very own baby that will be turning one this summer.
That will be fun!

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