Half Way There!

Don't you want to start singing, Bon Jovi's Livin on a Prayer right now? Ohhhhhh, we're half way there ere. Oh oh livin on a prayer ayer...

OK, half way til Christmas!! Today is Jesus's half birthday! I hope they celebrate half birthdays in heaven. They will when I get there!

Here are some Christmassy pics to get you in the mood! I am in the mood for it not to be 100 + degrees everyday!

Coke tree!

Marcus and Stephen at our ugly Christmas sweater party!


My parent's house at Christmas time:


So, I have been wondering... how do you have Christmas trees and decorations when a toddler lives in your house?


Shana said...

I bought unbreakable ornaments and hard wired them into the tree limbs. I did sprinkle in my nice "breakables" up at the top of the tree... No issues.... It was great!

Twinkle Terrior said...

definitely dont put anything too sentimental on the tree during the toddler years! also, we put a train around the tree once and it became a tradition........they could not go inside the perimeter of the choo-choo train --- plus the train really distracts them :)

Rebecca said...

Girlfriend, you bring me JOY! :D

Frugal Jen said...

What a happy post! With our little one's we put ornaments on the bottom that are kid friendly. We also put a tree in their room with ornaments they can play with. So if they are tempted they can tear their tree apart. I know Katie will have a FABULOUS tree in her room :)

Mallorie said...

YAYYY! :-) such a happy post!! I can't wait...as for the little one..I would say un-breakable ornaments are a MUST!!! :-)

All That Glitters said...

This makes me happy!