Memory Lane

I was going through some old pictures on my computer and ran across pics of our 2nd house. I loved this house. We moved in on our 5th anniversary. A couple offered to buy it 3 years later.

I was a Realtor and showed them a house next door. Then I had them over to our house and they called me later that night and asked if we would sell it. Marcus was at work and told him I might have sold our house! They needed a decision by the next day. So we said YES!

It's funny because I felt like God kept whispering "get your house ready to sell" 6 months before that. So we did little things to the house to fix it up "just in case".

This was our bedroom. We got the bed as a wedding gift from Marcus's parents. I love it and plan on keeping it forever. I wonder if I will ever paint it? It's rare for me to have unpainted wood furniture.

This was a little hallway going into the bedroom. I got that chandelier at Walmart and I wish I had bought 50 of them. I love it!

My kitchen and a small glimpse into the back yard. I wish I had a better picture of it, because it was really pretty. It was beautifully landscaped before we bought the house.

My aunt painted that cherry picture for me.

I miss my red sink!

I still have all my Mary Engelbreit stuff. That is rare for me to hold on to the same decor. It's just so HAPPY!

My formal living room: We used this room a TON. I always hosted Bible studies here, lots of showers and parties too.

That 6 pane window is hanging in Katie's room now. I got it from my old store The Little Blue House. It was an actual old blue house. When the owner of the building replaced the windows I kept one of the old ones. ( did you know I had a store once upon a time? I had it for 4 years. I was 25 and had no business sense at all. I still don't. I just like the fun parts. That's why now I'm in Golightly's and they do all the responsible stuff for me!)

I got this couch at Sam's when we were first married. This is the reupholstered version.

Guest room

The new owners bought the bedding from all 3 rooms, so they wouldn't have to paint! It was fun to buy all new stuff for my next house!

Another guest room:

My toile entry looking into my dining room:

My TV room. Courtney has this couch and chair now!

And the most fun room was my half bath. It was off the laundry room.

I painted it with chalk board paint!

My nieces and nephews had lots of fun in here. Adults did too!

It was fun to visit my 2nd house again! Now we are in our 5th house! We have only been here a year and sometimes I get the moving bug. I actually hate to pack and move, but it's fun to redo a new place.

We'll see...


Unknown said...

I miss this house! We had some great Bible Studies, showers, open houses in that house.

Hines House said...

I think I would have uprooted my family and moved them from FL to live in that house, so bright and homey. So glad that I found your blog.... i always enjoy your post.

Claire said...

What an amazing house! You are so talented!


The Magnolia House said...

Wow, I can't believe you are in your 5th house and that you had your own store. Very interesting! Thanks for the tour of your second home. I love your posts! Johnnie

Twinkle Terrior said...

Wow..no wonder the bought it instead of the one next door! I would have just added some mula and told you to leave everything exactly as it was (except your wedding gift - the gorgeous 4 poster bed) VERY PRETTY HOUSE :)

Twinkle Terrior said...

Mrs Dina.........I was looking to see if it was you (probably) at your old or current house with the cutest laundry room ever !! That is one of our summer projects :) Either way.....love your blog and inspiring posts -have a great week.