Party Animals

2 Parties in one day!

Today was my brother in law, Jeff's, birthday. Here is the birthday boy, with Melissa.
My niece, his daughter, but known as the Super Cake Baker!

And here is with my other niece, Jennifer, who just made captain of her drill team! Woo hoo!

And Katie was in HEAVEN playing with all their old toys!

Earlier in the day we went to a pool party for our Sunday school class.

Katie was in awe of all the teenagers! Or maybe she was jealous that they were in the pool.

I thought about putting her in the pool with them, but if someone got a text message or something, Katie would have had to fend for herself. And this mom was not about to get in her bathing suit around a bunch of 15 year olds. Although it might be good birth control to show them how babies can give you stretch marks!

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