The Gypsy Butterfly

I went to a cute store last week and wanted to share it with you.
It's called the Gypsy Butterfly. It was formerly Paige's in Colleyville. They have a new location and a new look!

It's right next door to The Queen of The Trailer Park that I shared with you in February.

It's filled with fun jewelry, accessories, clothes, shoes, home decor and more.

All the displays are beautiful.

Cute gift bags:

You might need one of those if you buy me a gift from there!

They had lots of unique bracelets made out of burlap and lace.

Love these shoes!

And look your husband called ahead!

I bought my sister in law a really cute birthday gift when I was there.

You should go visit The Gypsy Butterfly.

They are located at 99 Cheek-Sparger in Colleyville, TX. Their # is 817-485-4805.


Little Projects

In April I did a mini makeover to my master bedroom.

It took me a while to get the rocking chair painted, but it's done now. Thanks to my husband. I spray painted for about 2 seconds and gave up.

I also recently got this cute little chandelier from Golightly's.

This is the chair before the makeover. Not sure why all my words want to be underlined. I guess blogger thinks what I am typing right now is really important?
I like it a lot better white.
I am learning that with a baby, projects have to be done a little at a time. That's hard for me. When I get an idea in my head, I want it done RIGHT NOW!

Now the "How To" for Katie's yarn and felt wreath. It should be wreathes, but I still haven't finished the second one yet!

I got the plans for the wreath at Felt So Cute.

Just wrap your wreath with yarn. It took longer then I thought it would and it made me DiZzY!
I was brave and finished the job!

I did a smaller version then the Felt So Cute blog and I used a straw wreath instead of a foam one. It was a third of the price. If you use straw then be sure to leave the plastic on it. Unless you want to look like you live in a barn!

I got everything at Hobby Lobby. They have small felt rectangles in the craft section that are 4 for $1. You can get 2 or 3 flowers out of one piece.

I love how it turned out. It just cost $10 total for 2 wreathes. The yarn was donated from my mom though. So just add maybe $6 for that. Unless you know my mom and she might hook you up!

I might make a couple more for my living room.
Maybe I will take some Dramamine first!


Let Me Catch You Up

I have totally neglected my little blog for a week. How sad.

Our main goal around here is to stay cool and not melt. Today it was 106. It has been over 100 degrees for 28 days in a row now! And we still have a long way to go until it cools off. I kind of have forgotten what rain looks like too. AND we hit a record high low today. Our low was 85! That's the highest low we have ever had...ever! It really doesn't even deserve to be called low, if you ask me!

Anywhoo, during my unintentional blog break, I made a wreath!

I wanted something to fill the pink frames in Katie's room. I was looking for a white feather wreath and didn't have any luck. I am sure with all the Christmas stuff popping up everywhere, one will be out soon. BUT I like these better anyway.

I guess I can't really call them these, because I have just finished one so far.

I will show you how I made it tomorrow...or at least the next time I decide to blog again.
And I also hung part of Katie's birthday sign in her room. Not the part that says "Happy Birthday", but the part that says her name, because otherwise that would be weird.

To help beat the heat, we got snow cones! I got one with gummie bears, because those beat the heat too! That's what I've heard anyway.

Katie got her very own snow cone today. It was a cherry pee wee. So cute!

Please pardon her mangy hair. We just got out of the pool.

She didn't have the patience for us to spoon feed her, so she just took over.

You know that old wives tale that says that sugar makes kids hyper and keeps them up at night? It turns out that it's totally true! Katie went to sleep for about 10 minutes and then woke up and acted exactly like a little monkey for about an hour and a half! It was kind of funny. She finally fell asleep at about 10:00.

To document the fact that I also feed her nutritious things:

Here's Katie eating a peach today. She didn't like the little pieces I cut up, so here she is taking matters into her own hands again.

In other news:
I introduced you to our new puppy Cash and then never mentioned him again. He's still here and already getting bigger. I need someone to invent the permanent puppy. Puppies are so much cuter than dogs.

Katie loves him and says "Puppy" all day long. You can imagine how that makes me feel since she doesn't say Mommy yet! Daddy is another favorite of hers, along with Hi and book. I guess I haven't really done anything to deserve for her to say my name, right? Carrying her for 9 months, having her cut right out of me, feeding her from my own body, not sleeping a full night for 8 months...maybe if I get her another snow cone, she will say Mommy!
OK all day today I have been telling Marcus that I AM going to be early tonight...for reals. I keep staying up until about 1:00. And then talk about how tired I am the next day. Duh!

It is exactly 11:50 pm and I still need to take a shower. So maybe tomorrow night I will go to bed early.


THE Party

The big 1st birthday party was on Saturday and it was so much fun!

I used lots of pictures as my party decorations!

This was a picture of Katie every month...

up until her first birthday. It was fun to see all the changes in a row!

This is the cake and treat table:

I filled mason jars with candy for the guests. (which was just family)

My friend Catherine made these labels for me! I love them. She is quite the little party planner. Check out her blog here.

Cake for us and a cake for Katie:

More pics on the mantle. I had toddler tunes playing on the TV!

And here is the birthday girl!

This is her daddy hard at work in the kitchen. He made some delicious fajitas!

The cousins at the kid table:

Grampy and Nonni (my parents)

Poppa and Annie (Marcus's parents)

The three musketeers!

Katie had fun opening gifts. I did too! She got some really cute things and has been playing nonstop.

I think her favorite part of the day was being sung to. She thought that was great!

She totally loved the cake!

She wanted to share with Ryan.

Marcus scrubbed her down in the bath tub after that. It was the only way to get all the icing off.

It was such a fun day!
We are so thankful to have all our family close to celebrate with us!

And we are especially thankful for Katie and what a joy and blessing she is every day!