Feeling Sentimental

It's the eve of Katie's first birthday, so I feel a little sentimental. Or maybe just mental! We are all starting to feel a little better around here. Katie is actually doing great. She doesn't have the stresses of birthday preparation on her mind. I guess I shouldn't either. The details are not important.

This is the second time I caught her playing in her toy bucket. The first time I wasn't quick enough with my camera.

Katie is always up for a game of peek a boo!

It's me! I was hiding in my bucket for .03 seconds.
Did you miss me?!

This game makes her delirious with laughter!

There are 2 really wrong things with the picture below: We are not counting that there are no sheets on the bed. Those were in the washer getting all the sick germs off.

The 2 wrong things are:
1. puppy in Katie's room
2. Marcus doesn't have sleeves on his shirt!
(and he is using a package of diapers as his pillow)

When we got married I slowly threw out any tank tops that he owned. They have been gone for years now. Then he got the bright idea to cut the sleeves off of this t-shirt a few weeks ago! I am thinking the puppy might "accidentally" use it as a chew toy, then as a potty, and then maybe as some toilet paper. I'm not sure...we'll see what might accidentally happen. oops.

This sweet girl will be one tomorrow!
That is crazy to me.

Parenting a baby didn't scare me, but parenting a toddler does! I am not ready to give up the bottle and be totally responsible for providing nutritional meals, not ready to have to discipline, not feeling equipped to teach her the entire English language, and how to spell and count! It's a little overwhelming. For the first year, the main goal is for you to both survive, and to cuddle and to keep a bow in her hair! This next step seems hard to me.

It looks like it might be fun though. She couldn't do this when we brought her home from the hospital. AND she taught herself how to do it, so maybe I am off the hook for the other stuff too!


Nutty Mom said...

Happy early birthday Katie!

On another note I couldn't help but laugh at the sleevless t-shirt! My dad gave me husband 3 identical t-shirts when we were DATING (like 9 years ago), and my husband has worn every fiber out on those things, (keep in mind there's 3 of them!). So now he's cut all the sleeves off of them, and even has one with a giant rip down the back of it and he still insists on wearing them. I even bought him some brand new (with the sleeves removed and everything) t-shirts to bum around in and does he wear them? Nope. I always swore I wouldn't resort to sneaking around, but pretty soon those ratty t-shirts are going to disappear!

Giggles said...

Happy Birthday to Katie! I am pretty sure that you all will make it through the toddler years. Many of made the journey before you!!! Glad you are all feeling better

Nicole said...

Oh, girl, the party's just begun! Happy Birthday, Katie!!!

Anonymous said...

You're so funny! And Katie's so cute!

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

Oh, I am with you girl. That whole saying no, being the bad guy, educating thing is hard enough. But then, you actually have to cook and eat healthy with kids, every meal!!! That part is going to take some preparation!! My baby is turning 8 months next week and I just know that first birthday is right around the corner and it makes me sad. Not sad sad, but happy sad. They just grow so big so fast.

Frugal Jen said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!

Anytime we can talk toddler strategy :)

Thomas and Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Katie!

I know (and remember well) how fun the 1-2 age is...although the discipline is hard, you'll be surprised how natural the teaching comes. You'll also be surprised how FUN the next year or 2 will be! Seriously - I thought 1 and 18 months was fun, but NOTHING could compare to the last year with my now (gasp) 3 year old!!!

I'm Jaime said...

My husband cuts sleeves off too, drives me insane! But he mainly uses them for mowing or working outside.

Have the best time at her party!! Toddler years are so much fun...you'll be fine! :-)

Courtney Osborne said...

Happy Birthday Katie Belle! She is such a JOY! We love her!

Amanda said...

Katie, Happy Birthday!

Dina, one day at a time. You are and will continue to be a great mother!

Jennifer said...

Awww, she is too cute! She SO reminds me of my oldest when she was that age, and she will be 6 on Monday!

Susan Brown Holland said...

Happy FIRST Birthday, Sweet Katie Belle! Boy, it seems like just yesterday that we got the news of her birth! Couldn't be a sweeter or cuter little one year old around! I love it when I get to see her at the store!!! I have been saying every stage is my most favorite age...and 29 yrs. later...I'm still saying it! It just gets better and better! Love the puppy and know Katie will enjoy him for years to come! Have lots of birthday fun and can't wait to see all the pictures!!!

kimert said...

This post made me giggle! I'm not sure I thought about all those things when mine were going from infant to toddler...Mine started school and I am pretty sure my first thought was, "Holy smokes I gave them HARD names to spell!" haha I kid...sorta. ;)
You both survived the first year.. that is huge!

Our Blessed Life said...

I have never left a comment but I have been following your blog for a long time now. I love your style and can always get great ideas from you. I have three girls and my youngest is almost the same age as yours so I've enjoyed keeping up this past year.
But this post cracks me up! The same thing happened in our house...I threw away all my husband tank tops and now he cuts the sleeves off his t-shirts! It drives me CRAZY! We were an hour late arriving to the beach this year to meet my family b/c he was busy cutting the sleeves off. I think my dryer might have to eat his shirts.