Good News, Bad News

Let's start with some good news:

Katie got a puppy for her birthday!

Actually Marcus got a puppy for Katie's birthday!
Ever since Poncho died in April, we knew we would get another puppy. Marcus needs one and Blue needs a companion. Blue is already so much happier since he has been here.

His name is Cash.

Ok, some bad news is that our AC flooded our guest room last week. Ugh! So we patched up the AC so it works for now. But we have to get a whole new unit and replace the flooring in the guest room. We may do wood this time, not sure though.

The good news is that it is a great place for the dogs to hang out for now. They surely can't mess anything up!

Another set of bad news is that Marcus and I got hand, foot and mouth disease from Katie. Apparently we are some of the rare adults in the world to ever get it! We like to do everything as a family I guess. Marcus's fever hit him on Saturday and mine hit yesterday. I don't want to be a drama queen, but I thought I might die! Now I have blisters on the back of my throat and still feel lousy. Katie, on the other hand, has been doing great. She is still pretty happy and has been practically hibernating like a bear. I am thankful for her long naps!

And some really good news is that Marcus got me a laptop last week! I was totally surprised. It has been great since I am sick and just laying in bed. Here she is next to a small glimpse of the laundry that needs to be folded.

Marcus was gone one morning before I woke up. He left a note saying he went to work out and run some errands. So I called him when I got up and he said he had to go and he'd call me back in a minute. So when he called back he said he was working on a little surprise for me. I thought he was picking up donuts for us! So I dumped out the cereal I was eating in anticipation for some delicious donuts, but instead I got a laptop! That is way better!

So basically for Katie's birthday Marcus got a puppy and I got a laptop. I wonder what the birthday girl will get?!
Hopefully at least healthy parents. Please pray we are all well by Thursday. Thanks!


Giggles said...

Puppy is cute. . . .laptops are great. . . .being sick not good. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Pamela said...

I have to say you have the best sense of humor and you always make me laugh! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Jamie Lynn said...

Such a cute puppy! Your daughter is adorable! You look great too! Happy Day!
Jamie Harris

Courtney Osborne said...

I am so sad you got Hand,Foot, and Mouth! What the world? Let me know if you need popsicles.

kimert said...

Cute puppy! And sweet Katie! :)
Sure hope you guys feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Love your gifts!!! Can't wait to see birthday pics of cute Katie!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my word, he is CUTE, and the picture of them together, adorable!!!

HoodMama said...

Sorry to here about the whole foot and mouth thing. I get it all the time but I must pronounce it differently - foot IN mouth disease. HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry. Low hanging fruit.
Puppy is precious and I can offer no grooming tips. ;)

Staci said...

Cash is adorable! And yea for the new laptop! Ad much as I appreciate donuts, and I REALLY appreciate donuts, I think the laptop trumps them!

Feel better soon. And Happy early Birthday to Katie!

Lauren & Matt said...

Sorry y'all are sick!! Cash is super cute! I bet Katie just loves her little puppy! Sorry about the flooding!