The Gypsy Butterfly

I went to a cute store last week and wanted to share it with you.
It's called the Gypsy Butterfly. It was formerly Paige's in Colleyville. They have a new location and a new look!

It's right next door to The Queen of The Trailer Park that I shared with you in February.

It's filled with fun jewelry, accessories, clothes, shoes, home decor and more.

All the displays are beautiful.

Cute gift bags:

You might need one of those if you buy me a gift from there!

They had lots of unique bracelets made out of burlap and lace.

Love these shoes!

And look your husband called ahead!

I bought my sister in law a really cute birthday gift when I was there.

You should go visit The Gypsy Butterfly.

They are located at 99 Cheek-Sparger in Colleyville, TX. Their # is 817-485-4805.


Staci said...

Must go soon! I mean, since the hubby went to all the trouble to call ahead!

kimert said...

OMGoodness that lavender top is beautiful.. as are many of the things you posted. Wish I lived nearby, but I bet my hubby's wallet is glad I don't. HAHA

Meg said...

Dina, please stop showing me all that I'm missing by not living in Texas! I can't stand it anymore. Megan

Anonymous said...

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