Katie's First Fourth!

I have been trying to write this post since the 5th! Things got crazy around here. We are supposed to be in cool Colorado right now. Instead we are still in 105 degree Texas!

Katie got her 1st ear infection on Wednesday, so we were not able to fly out yesterday. I am so glad we knew before we got on the plane, because that would have been so painful for her. We also had to go back to the Dr yesterday, because she developed a rash. It turns out Katie has hand, foot and mouth disease. It's a virus and the worst part is she has sores on her throat. So eating and drinking can be painful. She has been a trooper though. And we are rescheduling our trip for next month! Can't wait!

Everyone was healthy on the 4th and we had a great time!

We had some friends and family come over for dinner then we all watched fireworks.

Laura, me, Courtney. Look, I chopped my hair off!

Blue got lots of attention from all the kids!

I recently got this Coke crate from a flea market, so I used it for the plates and napkins.

My sister made me that banner. And I was playing the "sounds of the season" channel on TV. It had great patriotic music. That's why there is a picture of a burger. I guess burgers are patriotic!

My Mom and Dad

I got this cute towel at Pier 1.

It's the kind you look at and not wipe your dirty hands on it! After almost 12 years of marriage, Marcus totally gets it now.

Courtney with Charis and Katie:

Marcus and Stephen at the fireworks:

Katie playing with her cousins.

Last year on the 4th, I was super huge pregnant. I kept wondering if Katie would get to go to fireworks this year. I assumed she wouldn't. Just because of the lateness and loudness. It turns out our baby totally rocks. She LOVED them!

We were really close too:

I held her ears during the finale, but she was perfectly fine.

This was after she lost her skirt. She's a party animal!
I took these pics on the 3rd after church:

She bonked her head on the coffee table playing a mean game of peek a boo!

It kind of looked like she was growing a unicorn horn.

Sunday night we watched fireworks in Southlake. It was a warm up for Katie.

We had such a great weekend! I am so sad Katie is sick now. We are praying she is better by her 1st birthday on Thursday.


Ashley Tremaine said...

Sorry you couldn't make your trip, but glad you are able to go next month...I will be jealous. It is so freakin' hot here...CO sounds great!! And your haircut looks so cute!!

I'm Jaime said...

Katie is adorable!! So sorry you missed your trip, but hoping she is better very soon!

Laura Drewry said...

Hope your precious girl feels better SOON!! Loved looking at all the pics, but I have to say I am SO with you on keeping the pretty hand towels for LOOKS only...it took a little while to train my hubs too!! ;) I even have throws(blankets) on chairs and the couch that are not to be used..they are just for looks hahaha!! He finally has gotten that too!
Anyways, hope you have a great weekend! Please visit my blog sometime if you'd like!

Tori said...

First off, you look AMAZING! and I love the new haircut! Sorry miss Katie is sick, Ansley is getting over an ear infection herself, they are definetly no fun. We're heading to Colorado next week! Too bad we won't be there at the same time, we could totatlly hang out!

Mallorie said...

Looks like you had a fun 4th! Sorry about Colorado...I bet you'll have a ton of fun when you go in a month!!! your hair is SO CUTE and I love your pink dress...adorable!!!

Twinkle Terrior said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET KATIE GIRL !! Cash is just adorable and looks like part of the family already. Sorry about the A/C mess and hand/mouth/foot disease. Now that I've been following your blog- i know you will make the room and repairs better than ever :) That is the PITTS! Glad to see yall enjoyed the 4th !! Love your posts and stopping by - TAKE CARE yall :)