Let Me Catch You Up

I have totally neglected my little blog for a week. How sad.

Our main goal around here is to stay cool and not melt. Today it was 106. It has been over 100 degrees for 28 days in a row now! And we still have a long way to go until it cools off. I kind of have forgotten what rain looks like too. AND we hit a record high low today. Our low was 85! That's the highest low we have ever had...ever! It really doesn't even deserve to be called low, if you ask me!

Anywhoo, during my unintentional blog break, I made a wreath!

I wanted something to fill the pink frames in Katie's room. I was looking for a white feather wreath and didn't have any luck. I am sure with all the Christmas stuff popping up everywhere, one will be out soon. BUT I like these better anyway.

I guess I can't really call them these, because I have just finished one so far.

I will show you how I made it tomorrow...or at least the next time I decide to blog again.
And I also hung part of Katie's birthday sign in her room. Not the part that says "Happy Birthday", but the part that says her name, because otherwise that would be weird.

To help beat the heat, we got snow cones! I got one with gummie bears, because those beat the heat too! That's what I've heard anyway.

Katie got her very own snow cone today. It was a cherry pee wee. So cute!

Please pardon her mangy hair. We just got out of the pool.

She didn't have the patience for us to spoon feed her, so she just took over.

You know that old wives tale that says that sugar makes kids hyper and keeps them up at night? It turns out that it's totally true! Katie went to sleep for about 10 minutes and then woke up and acted exactly like a little monkey for about an hour and a half! It was kind of funny. She finally fell asleep at about 10:00.

To document the fact that I also feed her nutritious things:

Here's Katie eating a peach today. She didn't like the little pieces I cut up, so here she is taking matters into her own hands again.

In other news:
I introduced you to our new puppy Cash and then never mentioned him again. He's still here and already getting bigger. I need someone to invent the permanent puppy. Puppies are so much cuter than dogs.

Katie loves him and says "Puppy" all day long. You can imagine how that makes me feel since she doesn't say Mommy yet! Daddy is another favorite of hers, along with Hi and book. I guess I haven't really done anything to deserve for her to say my name, right? Carrying her for 9 months, having her cut right out of me, feeding her from my own body, not sleeping a full night for 8 months...maybe if I get her another snow cone, she will say Mommy!
OK all day today I have been telling Marcus that I AM going to be early tonight...for reals. I keep staying up until about 1:00. And then talk about how tired I am the next day. Duh!

It is exactly 11:50 pm and I still need to take a shower. So maybe tomorrow night I will go to bed early.


Holly said...

it doesnt get better than snocones and gummy bears! Cash is adorable!

kimert said...

Love the wreath! Thanks for the idea... I can totally see that as something I could make. :)

I love puppies too. Our pup is growing like crazy and with that she is becoming more mischevious and that drives me bonkers!

amberdawn said...

I agree on the permanent puppy thing! Totally! :)