Little Projects

In April I did a mini makeover to my master bedroom.

It took me a while to get the rocking chair painted, but it's done now. Thanks to my husband. I spray painted for about 2 seconds and gave up.

I also recently got this cute little chandelier from Golightly's.

This is the chair before the makeover. Not sure why all my words want to be underlined. I guess blogger thinks what I am typing right now is really important?
I like it a lot better white.
I am learning that with a baby, projects have to be done a little at a time. That's hard for me. When I get an idea in my head, I want it done RIGHT NOW!

Now the "How To" for Katie's yarn and felt wreath. It should be wreathes, but I still haven't finished the second one yet!

I got the plans for the wreath at Felt So Cute.

Just wrap your wreath with yarn. It took longer then I thought it would and it made me DiZzY!
I was brave and finished the job!

I did a smaller version then the Felt So Cute blog and I used a straw wreath instead of a foam one. It was a third of the price. If you use straw then be sure to leave the plastic on it. Unless you want to look like you live in a barn!

I got everything at Hobby Lobby. They have small felt rectangles in the craft section that are 4 for $1. You can get 2 or 3 flowers out of one piece.

I love how it turned out. It just cost $10 total for 2 wreathes. The yarn was donated from my mom though. So just add maybe $6 for that. Unless you know my mom and she might hook you up!

I might make a couple more for my living room.
Maybe I will take some Dramamine first!


Staci said...

So very cute! The wreaths would super adorable to valentines day.

Is it wrong that I'm already planning my fall decor? I am SO over summer.

Anonymous said...

I love the bedding and the mix match pillows. What is on top (the white)? Just a blanket?

Kristen and Sebastian said...

Hi there, I absolutely love your home! I could only wish I could get mine to look as half as cute. I found your blog on Kelly's Corner. I grew up in Grapevine, small world. A few posts back you wrote that your husband made you an adorable awning for over your sink. Is there anyway you could tell me how he made this. I would love to do the same in my home. Blessings!

Holly said...

it looks great!

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Promosyon said...

It is best to keep in home entrance on Christmas days. I really like that combination of red and white color. Well, those roses collection is awesome and really gorgeous.

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