1st Day and 36

Yesterday was Katie's first day of "school"! She was so happy to be sleeping in her own bed again, we had to wake her up!

I could just eat her with a spoon!

We strapped her backpack on her:

Remember how I said that I ordered this backpack, because I wanted Katie to have something different? And how I didn't want her stuff to get mixed up with the other kids?

Well, there are just 5 or 6 girls in Katie's class and 3 of them have this back pack! I could have barfed right there! One of the main reasons of having a kid and sending them to school is the cute accessories! Am I right? I didn't want this owl to be a triplet!

If this tragedy happened to you, would you get a new back pack for your sweet little baby?

Here Katie and I are before school oblivious to the back pack scandal of 2011:

And this is when she found out:

Doesn't that picture break your heart? It does mine.

Thankfully a couple of minutes later she was happy and eating Cheerios with the other kids:

I hope Katie ends up liking school, because I sure liked my few hours of sweet freedom! I ran errands like a professional sprinting errand runner!

We had Marcus's birthday party here last night, so there was lots to do:

These pics also serve as my dining room mini make over pictures.

I hung drop cloths as curtains between the rooms.

And I know most of you don't like the mirror on the china hutch. I will move it when our house is on the market. I wouldn't want it to offend any prospective buyers!

Now let's talk about the super awesome birthday cake!

My 12 year old niece made it! She came up with the idea. I just said I was going to do a fireman theme!

She made the little fireman out of fondant. I love the squirt of water too!
And the fire truck has sirens and lights up!

This is Melissa, the cake queen, holding Katie. She put tons of candles on it, so it would look like it was on fire!

Marcus was extra fashionable for his party!

He just picked up his custom boots that afternoon and wanted to wear them! He ordered them 2 years ago! They are totally made from scratch to fit his feet exactly.

They have a Maltese cross and his initials on the front.

I could never get Marcus's face when he was opening gifts:

Does he seem like the type of guy to want a Cuisinart for his birthday? He actually cooked the meal last night too! He wanted BBQ and I have no idea how to smoke a brisket! It was delicious!
He did take of the boots before he went to bed!

Happy 36th Birthday Marcus, I am glad you were born!


Marcus just got a call and he and his crew were dispatched to another city that is having a HUGE fire. It's already been going on a couple of days! They are bringing cots and tents. I am hoping he is not gone long. Please pray for safety, for him, and the other fire fighters as well. Thanks!


I Hope You Like Pictures!

Here a few million pics of our Colorado trip.
We left on Thursday and came back on Sunday.

Waiting to get on Katie's first plane:

She did great. We were well stocked with toys and snacks.

We went to Colorado to meet my cousin's daughter, Lucy.

She was born in March and is just the cutest, sweetest thing ever!

We took a little road trip to Vail while we were there. They rented a minivan for us!
We had that thing packed down like the Beverly Hillbillies! Babies need lots of stuff!

Katie did great in the car and Lucy didn't make a peep!

This was are amazing condo:

My cousin, Kristen and I feeding babies on the balcony:

We both waited a long time for these babies!

Vail was beautiful.
I loved these orange polka dot umbrellas:

And all the flowers there were so big and bloomy! In Texas they are small and crispy right now!

We tried to get a few cute pictures of Katie and Lucy.
They weren't very cooperative models.

At least they are cute!
I can't wait to see all the fun these 2 have together.
Kristen and I always had a great time when we were kids. We would laugh so hard one of us might have wet our pants...a long time ago...not saying who...

Katie did lots of walking. Still has to hold on though:

This is when she was about to go swimming in the indoor pool, until we realized we forgot her daddy's bathing suit. ooops. Or as Katie would say, Uh oooh!

Saturday we rode the gondola to the top of the mountain:

Marcus and Katie and Kevin and Lucy:

The whole gang.

We love each other!

On the way home we stopped somewhere? So Kevin and Marcus could ride the Alpine Slide:

Woo hoo!

Then Sunday we tried another photo shoot. My mom got Katie and Lucy matching dresses:

We were sad to say goodbye!

This is Marcus giving Katie a ride at the airport:

And more walking to burn off energy before the flight.

I don't think enough energy was burned off. Our next trip, I think we might charter a private jet, with a nanny!

I might be able to, because tomorrow I could be the big Publisher's Clearing House winner! I guess I need to touch up my make up all day, just in case a camera crew knocks at my door!

Anyway, great trip to Colorado!
Happy to be home!


Home Hot Home

We got home from beautiful Colorado last night!

Our AC STILL was not fixed. It was 93 degrees in the house. blah! So we stayed with my parents again. I didn't blog last night, so I failed my own blog challenge of posting every day in August. I had a HUGE migraine and was super pooped. AND my parents don't have wireless Internet, SO I would say I am off the hook, right?

Anyway, the AC is fixed now. We are so happy to be home and had a great time.

That migraine is still lingering.
(I guess that's what happens when a 1 year old is bouncing on you for an entire 2 hour flight. )

I will share all my pics tomorrow. I know you are on pins and needles!

We went to Colorado to meet this sweet baby:

It was so funny that Katie was the "big girl" all weekend!
That big girl has her first day of school tomorrow, so I need to get her all ready...


Hoot Hoot

Guess Whoooo's ready for school?

I decided on the owl back pack and lunch bag for Katie.
I am hoping he will be one of a kind and Katie's delicious PB&J won't get mixed up with somebody's grody tuna sandwich.

I got them from The Land of Nod. The back pack was $20 and the lunch bag was $13. They had all kinds of cute animals. I am not an owl lover by any means, but I do love red and turquoise together!

And I am sure these Owls will make Katie extra wise!


Hot Tamales

Remember how we got a Brand Spanking New AC unit on Saturday?


It's not working out so great!

This was the temp late last night in the house, so we had to stay with my parents.

I can't wait to get to Colorado!
I am going to find a patch of snow on a mountain peak and lay in it!


What a Cute Little Boy!

Katie and I got our hairs cut today!

I had to cut Katie's hair when she was 2 months old, because it was out of control, but this is her first Frank hair cut. I have been going to Frank for 13 years!

Do you see those curls up there? They are gone now! :(
Frank shaped everything up real cute, so when it grows out it won't be so straggly.

This is when Katie needed a drink, because she wasn't sure she could handle it!

(oh and yes, I haven't given up the bottle yet. and yes, she is one, and has been for over a month now. I am waiting until after our trip to kick the bottle to the curb. I want it for the plane!)

Pretty curls on the ground:

Katie and Frank are still friends:

I need to get a picture of her from the side.

If it weren't for the pink and the bow, she could really pass as my son!