1st Day and 36

Yesterday was Katie's first day of "school"! She was so happy to be sleeping in her own bed again, we had to wake her up!

I could just eat her with a spoon!

We strapped her backpack on her:

Remember how I said that I ordered this backpack, because I wanted Katie to have something different? And how I didn't want her stuff to get mixed up with the other kids?

Well, there are just 5 or 6 girls in Katie's class and 3 of them have this back pack! I could have barfed right there! One of the main reasons of having a kid and sending them to school is the cute accessories! Am I right? I didn't want this owl to be a triplet!

If this tragedy happened to you, would you get a new back pack for your sweet little baby?

Here Katie and I are before school oblivious to the back pack scandal of 2011:

And this is when she found out:

Doesn't that picture break your heart? It does mine.

Thankfully a couple of minutes later she was happy and eating Cheerios with the other kids:

I hope Katie ends up liking school, because I sure liked my few hours of sweet freedom! I ran errands like a professional sprinting errand runner!

We had Marcus's birthday party here last night, so there was lots to do:

These pics also serve as my dining room mini make over pictures.

I hung drop cloths as curtains between the rooms.

And I know most of you don't like the mirror on the china hutch. I will move it when our house is on the market. I wouldn't want it to offend any prospective buyers!

Now let's talk about the super awesome birthday cake!

My 12 year old niece made it! She came up with the idea. I just said I was going to do a fireman theme!

She made the little fireman out of fondant. I love the squirt of water too!
And the fire truck has sirens and lights up!

This is Melissa, the cake queen, holding Katie. She put tons of candles on it, so it would look like it was on fire!

Marcus was extra fashionable for his party!

He just picked up his custom boots that afternoon and wanted to wear them! He ordered them 2 years ago! They are totally made from scratch to fit his feet exactly.

They have a Maltese cross and his initials on the front.

I could never get Marcus's face when he was opening gifts:

Does he seem like the type of guy to want a Cuisinart for his birthday? He actually cooked the meal last night too! He wanted BBQ and I have no idea how to smoke a brisket! It was delicious!
He did take of the boots before he went to bed!

Happy 36th Birthday Marcus, I am glad you were born!


Marcus just got a call and he and his crew were dispatched to another city that is having a HUGE fire. It's already been going on a couple of days! They are bringing cots and tents. I am hoping he is not gone long. Please pray for safety, for him, and the other fire fighters as well. Thanks!


The Howell's said...

Girl, I am the momma that would buy my daughter a different backpack ;) lol

Love Marcus' boots.

kimert said...

Prayers for sure.

That cake is amazing! I see a great future for that girl. Love the boots. Happy bday to your man!

And the backpack...send it back!! Buy a new one! Shame on those copy cat girls too.

Hayley said...

Girl, I would have already bought a new backpack before I went back to get her! :)

Cortni said...

I would NOT buy a new back pack.

At Katie's age, the only one it bothers is you. My daughters are 11 and 8 and they love it when someone else in their class has the same back pack!

It's an opener to making new friends because they know that they already have one thing in common!

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

Ok, so it's not just my baby who sleeps with her head scrunched up against the corner of the crib with her legs tucked up underneath her? Whew. I just don't get how that's comfortable!

Lori said...

I'm not sure on the backpack, the owl one is pretty cute, but if you feel the need to exchange it :-)

Awesome boots, but even more awesome? THAT CAKE!!!

What a young talented little lady! Great job!!!

Nicole said...

This might be my overall most favorite post you have ever done.

1. Yes, she NEEDS a new backpack and lunchbox. She. is. an. original.

2. I almost cried when I saw her face crying in that picture. We came upon a picture of Kyndal a couple of weeks ago when she was about 6. She was just in the background of the picture, but she was sitting in a chair crying. I have no idea, but it broke my heart!

3. Those boots are AWESOME! Seriously .. how cool!

4. And the CAKE!! Brilliant!

5. And, you humor, as always, was such a nice start to my day that started out kind of negative.

Love ya!

King Amy said...

praying for Marcus and the other Fire fighters -- are they going out to Possum Kingdom Lake??

Amanda said...

Those pics of him opening presents and all we could see were the giant boots made me laugh! Happy Birthday, Marcus!

Also, your niece has mad skilz. You need to get that girl a website or FB page so she can start marketing her business locally. I'd totally hire her.

P.S. I would not get another backpack for Katie...but you knew I'd say that.

Michele said...

Hey Dena - I'm one of your followers in WA state! :) Love reading your blog! Finally have mine started...www.michelecraft.blogspot.com Can't wait until I'm a pro just like you! :) I'm always in total awe and amazement when I see the cakes your niece makes! She's gonna be famous one day! I just know it and I'll be able to say..."I saw that girls cakes years ago on a blog that I was stalking..." HeeHee! Also wonder if you still make and sell the cross necklaces? Would love to buy one. Or 2 or 3...:) My friend Shara Bailey has one and I think they are so beautiful! Have a gr8 day!

Michele said...

What kind of blog stalker am I? I spelled your name wrong! YIKES!!!! I'm sorry dIna with an I not an E!
Don't hold it against me! :)

Brooklynn said...

Y'all are too cute! Glad Katie ended up liking her first day.

Prayers for Marcus and the others. That's scary I'm sure!

p.s. you crack me up!

Casey @ Yes They're All MIne said...

Wow, I can't believe 3 kids have that backpack, it doesn't seem like one everyone would have. It is super cute though!

Sending prayers

Lauren & Matt said...

LOL, you crack me up! Don't you hate it when you think you found something very neat and everyone else finds it too!? Ugh.. I would want to buy something different, but not sure it matters now, it's still a very cute owl backpack! Love the cake! Your niece is unbelievable! She could be the next Cake Boss! Matt would be very jealous of that cake! It's super cool.

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog daily. Thanks to you, my daughter and I have enjoyed Go Lightly's and their tea room. You have tons of talent and the glory of the Lord shines through you. Keep up the great blog. Lots of talent in your family. Prayers for the fire fighters and their families. I don't blog, wish you had an email so I could talk with you.
Brenham, Texas

Erin K said...

NOOOOO!!!! Did you just hear screaming? That was me screaming in horror at the backpack debacle of 2011. I really don't think I'd get a new one. I think I'd just jazz it up a bit. Do you have a bedazzler? And that cake is amazing!!!!! Hope Marcus and the other firefighters come home soon, safe and sound.

sl said...

I would get a new backpack monogramed!

The Kelsos said...

A couple of things: you had me rolling about the backpack scandal of 2011!

Love the dropcloth curtains in the dining room!!!

We didn't end up seeing the Osborne's this weekend, so I'll have to get you the skirt another way!! I'm also sending a pillow that you might like!!

Sara Lynn said...

A. Definitely buy a new backpack lol it is cute but one day someone will take the wrong one! haha
B. Your niece is seriously amazing at her cakes. She has such a gift she will end up on one of those shows one day. Maybe her own :)
C. I hope everyone stays safe with the fires

donna said...

Kaite doesn't need a new backpack. She is special and unique in her own way. I bet she looked the cutest wearing it.

donna said...

One more thing, not only was the cake amazing to look at, it was delicious too.

Queen said...

I love your home decor. Your decorations look like what I see in my head but never turns out right. Do you travel,lol??? Nashville isn't that far.

Maggie Elizabeth said...

Oh I love that we think so much alike!! I would be on the internet so fast it would make someones head spin!! haha Katie is just a doll baby and is growing so fast!!