36.5 and Sweaty

Today I woke up to this:

In case you don't have it marked on your calendars, it's my half birthday today!
I am 36.5!
Marcus and I have been celebrating half birthdays for each other since we were dating. It's fun and something special for just the 2 of us. I guess we will start celebrating Katie's half birthday once she gets wind of this tradition!

The sweetest part of this whole thing is that Marcus took that picture before he came and got me this morning. He knew I would want to blog about it. I didn't know he did that until I looked at the pics on my camera! He got me a new wallet from Brighton and some earrings too! So sweet!

Also, bright and early this morning, the AC guys came over. Katie and I hung out at my mom's and swam today to avoid the hotness, and we came home around 3:00ish. We thought they would be done by then. NOPE, not til 8:30! I would have left again, but I kept thinking that they would surely be done any minute. So we were hot and sweaty all day!

So we all stripped down to our diapers to play:

Actually, just Katie did that! And the poor thing was so tired that she kept laying down as we were playing in her room. Getting a new AC and duct work is a bit noisy and not conducive for napping.

So now the house is finally cooling off. I hope the new owners enjoy their shiny new air conditioner and ducts.

OK, so I DID NOT mean to be dramatic by delaying the explanation of us putting our house on the market. I just didn't feel like typing anymore last night. It is NOT exciting or dramatic AT ALL. Sorry for the suspense and sorry that you are about to be disappointed...

When we bought the house last year we did a temporary loan through a friend, so we could start remodeling before we moved in. I was 9 months pregnant with Katie and we just wanted it done. We had a contract on our house already, so we knew it was going to sell.

The plan was to refinance as soon as we closed on our other house. Well, long story short, it's difficult to do that due to new strict mortgage laws. Even though we have nearly perfect credit and no debt. In order to refinance we would have to put down $50,000. It's not worth it to us. We would rather sell it and move on.

Selling the house is how we decided to solve the issue. Because moving is what we do best! We are experts by now! I don't know if I am an expert on moving with a 1 year old though?

We'll see...


Nicole said...

Happy half!

Staci said...

Happy half birthday! So where are you looking? Same area? Come down my way and we can be neighbors!

laurensmommy said...

I feel like we are experts in moving...we just did our 5th move in 10 years of marriage (and we have a 3 year old). It's not easy- and is one of the only times we rely on help from inlaws! :) The trick is to be as organized as possible when packing and I always pack Lauren's stuff last/unpack it first.

Also- depending on how far you are moving- have a "last on, first off box" with bedding, paper plates, etc. But you have moved enough that this may not be anything new. Hope it goes well and I can't wait to see how your new home looks!

Amanda said...

Happy half B-day! I also still celebrate my half b-day because of your influence.

Turns out that Brooke was born on my half birthday, so she and I always have a dual celebration.

Both of my kids are FULLY aware of their half b-day. Who doesn't want two birthday parties per year?

I love birthdays!

Miss G said...

Happy half birthday! My brother and sil celebrate their kids half birthdays and last year she did a half cake. So cute. It's fun.

I moved with a not quite one year old in *two weeks* and honestly, it really wasn't bad. He was intrigued by all of the boxes and had a great time. :)

Now the settling part has been a bit slow I must admit. I am not all decorated up over here nor have I painted a single thing. :)


Frugal Jen said...

Happy Half Birthday!

Hey if you want to move out to the country you know where I am :)

We will have a TON of moving boxes in a couple weeks if you want some.

The Undomesticated Wife said...

I find it strange that you are being required to put that high amount down. I'm about to refinance due to an upcoming divorce :( and I don't have to put anything down.

-The Undomesticated Wife

Dina said...

We would have to pay that much, because we just bought the house last year. We bought it pretty cheap, but then spent a lot to remodel. They will only finance 80% of what we bought the house for originally. bummer!