My big sister, Kelly, turned 40 today! That's so weird!

My mom and dad made this cute "40" for her:

The blank spot on the 0 is for a picture of Katie and Kelly. We didn't have a good one to include.

Earlier in the day Kelly and I got pedicures! She got that gift from our cousins!

Our colors are A Oui Bit of Red and Keys to My Karma.

You can see a glimpse of my finished corner cabinet that was previously black. I am sure the paint is still damp and the plates may be stuck forever, but that's OK!

Katie loves all the excitement and attention when family is around!

We had dinner in downtown Ft.Worth. This is the only pic I got after dinner. I had to include it, because Uncle Darren, Kelly's husband, rarely makes the blog.

I made Kelly a little scrapbook of sweet notes from family and friends:

I am not a scrapbooker AT ALL, so this is very amateur, but I wanted to make it cute.

Katie expressed her love in a hand print:

Tonight after all the partying, Katie got a bath with an audience.

She loves to put on a show. Here she is channeling Elvis with those sweet side burns.

It was a fun day.
I hope Kelly felt the love!


Mallorie said...

What a fun day! :-) I LOVE the scrapbook, what a great idea!!!

Erin K said...

Kelly is 40?? She looks great! I love the 40 your mom and dad made. And great job on the scrapbook. She will treasure that!

Nicole said...

First of all .. ARE YOU SAYING 40 YEAR OLDS ARE WEIRD??? :) And second, you and your sisters feet look exactly alike. Looks like a fun day!

Ashley Tremaine said...

Love the big 40 with pics attached!! Love the scrapbook idea...my mom is turning 60 this year and I have been trying to decide on a gift to let her know how much her friends love her. Love this idea!!!

Sarah said...

Pretty sure I have zero patience, so when I repaint furniture I always put my accessories back on even though the paint is still a bit sticky. You just have the best sense of humor and best descriptions!

kimert said...

I love gifting scrapbooks! You did a great job with that one.