Alphabet Soup and Some Painting

Katie got these letters for her birthday from her Nonni and Grampy and she loves them! I thought it looked like she was in a tub with some Alphabet Soup!

The "ABC's" is her favorite song, so naturally she is fond of the letters!

This is what she did when she saw the camera!

Very natural Katie!

And I tried to get a picture of her all bundled up in her towel while holding her, but it didn't work out so well!

She kind of looks like a deer in headlights.

Most of today was spent painting! My sister and her family just bought a new house.

Both my sisters in law and my mother in law came to help too. We are one big happy family! This will be my nephew's room. We had to prime over the turquoise and orange.

This is my dad getting stuck with the hardest job...painting the ceiling. The new wall color is called online gray. Ryan wants a New York theme room. So that's what we are going to try to do.

And here is Morgan's room before we got started:

And after!

The walls are Vivacious pink with one black wall! She has zebra bedding, so this will be really cute for a 10 year old girl!

I'm beat!
I need to get in a hot tub with some Alphabet soup too!


kimert said...

Cute pics! Love the hair too. ;)

I actually love the turq and orange but I suppose boys aren't into that for their bedrooms these days. The NY theme sounds awesome! Love the girl's room too. can't wait to see them all together!

His Doorkeeper said...

Dina, Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your little Katie is such a cutie! Can you believe how much you love her but what a full time job a baby is?? Bet you are a great Mom!

Boy, you guys can paint! I could use you for some projects! And I loved your bedroom make-over...especially that cute chair!


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