Eat Your Vegetables

Today was the first day of school
yesterday I picked up these bad boys at the store:

So I think it's officially time to not be 107 degrees anymore!

Here's a tip that can change your life; Don't be frugal when it comes to candy corn! Brach's is the way to go. All the others taste like waxy corn and not candy corn.
You're welcome.

OK, that's all I have for today. All month I have been saying that I am going to bed at a decent hour and I have failed miserably EVERY night.
Maybe tonight's the night!


Brooke said...

My sister is a candy corn addict. She will only eat that brand! Great, now I wish I had some... Ready for fall too:)

Casey @ Yes They're All Mine said...

Do you happen to live in Texas? Our kids started school today and as we were walking to school I saw several houses that had fall wreathes on their doors so when I got home I did the same thing even though we are in triple digit numbers. Maybe it will make the weather change!

I am a new follower!

M.E. said...

Agree-only Brach's! When do you put up your fall decor? I just now took down my patriotic/4th of July stuff.

Unknown said...

From one candy corn aficionado to another you are sooo right - no skimping...go straight to the Brachs!

xoxo michele

Brittany said...

My sister, Brooke, above said it best! I'm obsessed with candy corn and won't buy the off brand, it's disgusting!

Rebecca said...

Fantastic advice-lol! Would be great printed on a t-shirt! ;D

Frugal Jen said...

Did you know sonic has pumpkin pie milkshakes for thanksgiving? Crazy when it's so hot and far from fall.

Love me some candy corn!

Mallorie said...

Oh my word..I've been holding out on buying these, they look SO GOOD! :-)