Fireman McFlurfey

Remember 2 days ago, when I said it was hard to blog everyday because I don't lead an exciting life? Well, my husband gets to lead an exciting life as a fireman.

This happened last night and into this morning.
He's up in the bucket on the right.

These pictures are from wfaa channel 8.
I was nice and cool at home while this was happening.

Thankfully everyone was safe. Even the animals. They gave the cat oxygen! Marcus was sure to be out of this shot, because he didn't want to be seen with a cat!

Which reminded me of this picture from about 9 years ago. This is Marcus with our niece Morgan and my family's cat, Socks.

One time he asked me to take it out of the living room, because he didn't want anyone to see it! I guess it makes him look like a softy - a baby, a cat, plus a frame with a pink heart! I guess I should just display pictures of him bench pressing!

Tonight we had an interesting "date". We went to a local auction to buy stuff to sell at Golightly's. They got a big lot from England and it included tons of furniture and lots of stained glass windows. We got a few things that we can pick up tomorrow. I will be sure to share it with you!

Also, I wanted to take a picture without looking like a total weirdo, so I kind of kept the camera in my purse and took this:

Then I got a teensie bit more gutsy and took this one:

I figured if I was going to blog about it, I needed a picture!

I am so glad Marcus was with me,
because this auctioneer did the the real auction mumble jumble talk. At first I didn't know what prices he was saying!

I am also glad Marcus was with me, because afterward he got me this:

When he ordered it, he called it a McFlurfey!
Anyway, Rolo McFlurfey's are delicious!

While we were on our date, Katie was at her Aunt Pam's house:

She loves her cousin Melissa!

When we went to pick her up there were toys COVERING the living room floor. Pam saved all her girls' toys and Katie loves all of them. She also got to eat Goldfish and pizza for dinner!

I am sure she is dreaming about Aunt Pam's house right now.
I will be dreaming about Rolo McFlurfeys!


Mallorie said...

Oh my gosh...ROLO McFlurry...I haven't craved anything from McDonalds so far in my pregnancy but that might change now...hehe :-)

Anonymous said...

That McFlurfey thing is HILARIOUS! I laughed till I snorted! I would have totally lost it if I were in the car with y'all.

Gina Cate

Frugal Jen said...

LOVE the Rolo McFlurry!! Heaven in a cup!

Anonymous said...

This post made me literally laugh out loud! How funny! I needed that!