Home Hot Home

We got home from beautiful Colorado last night!

Our AC STILL was not fixed. It was 93 degrees in the house. blah! So we stayed with my parents again. I didn't blog last night, so I failed my own blog challenge of posting every day in August. I had a HUGE migraine and was super pooped. AND my parents don't have wireless Internet, SO I would say I am off the hook, right?

Anyway, the AC is fixed now. We are so happy to be home and had a great time.

That migraine is still lingering.
(I guess that's what happens when a 1 year old is bouncing on you for an entire 2 hour flight. )

I will share all my pics tomorrow. I know you are on pins and needles!

We went to Colorado to meet this sweet baby:

It was so funny that Katie was the "big girl" all weekend!
That big girl has her first day of school tomorrow, so I need to get her all ready...

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