Hoot Hoot

Guess Whoooo's ready for school?

I decided on the owl back pack and lunch bag for Katie.
I am hoping he will be one of a kind and Katie's delicious PB&J won't get mixed up with somebody's grody tuna sandwich.

I got them from The Land of Nod. The back pack was $20 and the lunch bag was $13. They had all kinds of cute animals. I am not an owl lover by any means, but I do love red and turquoise together!

And I am sure these Owls will make Katie extra wise!


Erin K said...

Oh, I love it. I'm an owl lover (my daughter's name Sophia means wisdom and the owl is symbol for wisdom)! And I love the colors. Maybe you should ask your mom about confusing lunchboxes. Hahaha!Good luck at school Katie! I love the haircut! But really, I'm thinking, I love your hair Dina. Where is your guy? Is accepting new clients?

Staci said...

Super cute! I just ordered Olivia a monogrammed dress. It was red with white polka dots and her monogram will be in turquoise! You'd love it.

Cortni said...

My daughter loves owls! I almost ordered this backpack for her but it is too small (she is in 2nd grade). Can't wait to see pics of Katie with it!!

laurensmommy said...

so sweet! My little girl will be going to MDO this year for the first time and I debated back and forth over the backpack/lunch box issue. Finally settled on ones from Pottery Barn Kids, but I will have to keep Land of Nod in mind for next time. Love the red and turquoise combo as well!!