I Need A Fairy

There's a few minutes left in this day, but I still need several more hours!

My sister's birthday is tomorrow and the family is coming here for cake and presents after dinner. And my dining room looks like this:

I took this picture right before I sat down to blog.
Anywhoo, I sure hope the cleaning/decorating/painting fairy comes in the night!
That girl has got her work cut out for her.

I had to get a picture of Katie today, because she hit a big milestone:

No, not walking yet, but she did get a sticker at Walmart! Babies don't get those, only big kids. Marcus took her there today to do some shopping. So I missed the big presentation of the sticker. I am sure I will be having to go to Walmart no less then 5 times this week, so I may get to witness it myself!

Have a good weekend!


Staci said...

I hope that fairy paid you a visit. And I hope you kindly asked her to visit me next. Or better yet, that you hit her over the head and are holding her captive in a cookie jar for future use and possibly loaning her out for a small fee. Keep me posted on that.

Erin K said...

I need a fairy too! Maybe if you get a cleaning fairy, you could send her my way??? And Katie is totally a big girl (I've heard those Walmart stickers are hard to get. Sophia has only gotten one.)Hope Kelly has a very happy birthday!