Katie Belle found one of my jewelry drawers!

She has successfully tasted everything in it!

At one point she had an entire ring in her mouth. And I have BIG rings.
(You know just in case I get in a fight or something!)

She's pretty proud of herself for finding such a gold mine!

Tonight Marcus put a million bows in her hair. Pretty!

We are getting Katie ready for the pageant circuit.

Somebody commented about the pic of Katie with a sippy cup and asked how we have transitioned. Well, we haven't really. She still mostly uses a bottle. I give the sippy cup at meals with water or watered down juice. She does pretty well with it. The brand is Nuby and so far, that has worked best for her. It has a soft mouth piece and not the hard plastic kind.

I would love to hear some tips how the rest of you transitioned from a bottle to sippy cup. And at what age? I am sure we are a little behind. That doesn't bother me though. I feel confident Katie won't be bringing her bottle to college!


Nutty Mom said...

The age to transition is up to you. Don't let anyone push you! With our first daughter we did it around a year, because that's what we were "supposed to do". And it was a fight. I just stopped bottles all together and started giving her milk in a cup. She wasn't thrilled, but eventually just gave in and it was fine. Now with our son (he's like 20 months) I still give him a bottle because he's barely eating solid food consistently. I'm not ready to risk him not eating anything, and not drinking his formula (he needs his vitamins). He only has 2 bottles now, but he does drink water from a cup during the day and with meals. I've found the easiest cups for my kids to learn on are ones without a valve, or I take the valve out. Seriously have you tried to drink out of the "spilless" cups. VERY difficult! Cups with straws are also good, and they're supposed to be the best for their teeth. We rotate cups now tho just for fun.

Nicole said...

Dang, she's cute!

My sister has always made fun of our bows. (Sadly, we have transitioned out of them into clips and barrettes, etc.) One time I came home and my sister had covered her whole head in bows. It was hilarious!

All my kids did different things transitioning from bottle to cup. They did it when they were ready. Obviously the more I offered the cup, the more they took it. But it was hard for me to let go of the bottle. It meant they were still a baby. Because once they gave up the bottle they started driving.

Taz + Belly said...

I did the bottle to cup transition cold turkey with both of my girls. My oldest boycotted all fluids for about three days, but finally decided she was thirsty enough for a sippy cup and never looked back. My youngest made the transition with no notice at all, one day she had a bottle and the next day there was a cup at the dinner table. We love the Munchkin brand sippy cups with the soft lid. They made transitioning from nipples to cups SO easy. They are easy to drink from and don't leak! Good luck :).

Jennifer said...

We used the Nuby sippy cups too, loved that soft spout. ;)

Julie said...

We transitioned to the sippy cups at one year of age...when went to straight milk we always gave it in a sippy cup...only formula was in the bottle...and acutually we did juices and water too in sippy cups before we said by to the bottles. That seemed to work the best for us.

The Brewers said...

We finally transitioned to a sippy shortly after our Ava's first birthday. I tried every.single.sippy on the market, and finally the only one that would work is one that is basically a bottle top and sippy bottom, made by Nuby. You can find them at Walmart, Target, and BRU. GOod luck!!!

Kellie said...

I rarely comment, but love your blog! The day after my Em's first bday I put the bottles in a container in the cabinet and decided if she asked for it and seemed stressed I would give it to her. We had been using sippy cups now and then so she was used to them, but she never asked for a bottle. Now the paci I never took and she is 12 and doesn't still have it...lol...so my way must not have been too crazy!